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Meet One Of The Newest Seminole Basketball Players — Trevor Harvey

Dec. 5, 2001

He stands there, engulfing every and all shadows that pass him by. He stands there and smiles, looking at you as though you mean something to him. He stands there and hopes you realize that he enjoys you watching him play. He is Trevor Harvey, a 6′-11″ Junior College transfer from Marshalltown C. C. in Iowa. He loves to play basketball.

Harvey originates from one of the islands that is part of Bahamas chain, Inagua. There, he soaks up the sun and surf, plays basketball with his friends and relaxes to the soothing sound of reggae music.

“Relaxing and having fun,” he says with a smile and in his Bahaman/Jamaican accent. “I love the beach, relaxing there while listening to some reggae. My favorite music is reggae. I like Mr. Vegas and Capleton. I can’t forget Bob Marley, that’s my favorite.

But there are many differences between his home and the U.S.A., namely opportunity.

“In the Bahamas you can go to the beach and relax and do lots of fun things. In the United States there are a whole lot more opportunities to develop what you want to do.” His friends, who he says had plenty of talent, did not “embrace their opportunity, they just tend to start working and try to get out in the real world, real quick.”

Luckily for Trevor, he has a mother who saw his potential and pushed him to explore and enrich his knowledge. She encourages him further his education and make the best of the opportunities given to him.

“First of all, my mom didn’t want me at home,” he says laughing. “She wanted me to go off to school and further my education and try to make something of myself. She wants me to study hard and have fun doing it. She also wants me to pursue my life in basketball.”

Harvey has now been away from home for the past four years. He spent two on a neighboring island to play high school basketball and most recently spent two years at Marshalltown C.C. He emerged as one of the best big man prospects in the community college ranks as he averaged 13 points, seven rebounds and three blocks per game. But Harvey was a little uncomfortable in his new surroundings.

“My first month in Iowa, I was real sick and I just wanted to go home and say ‘forget it.’ But my coach, coach Dutton, told me that ‘home is always going to be there and that I need to move on with my life and concentrate on things I can control.’ Home would always be there and I could always go home. I thought of it and realized it made sense.”

From there, the only thing Trevor could complain about was the temperature. Snow and ice were new experiences for him, especially since he had spent his entire life living on the beach. The warm climate was an enticement for him to come to Florida State after community college.

Now on campus at FSU, Harvey has learned to appreciate anyone and everyone, always trying to meet new people and show off his outgoing personality.

“I consider myself a nice person who likes to socialize,” he says with an energetic smile. “And to a certain extent, people who I interact with on a daily basis are special because I never know when I’m going to need someone. Especially my teammates.”

His teammates are helping him in his transition from junior college ball to the Division I level. They try to motivate him to raise his talent to the next level and they give him a little taste of what the competition will be like, especially with Nigel Dixon pushing him around in the paint.

“It seems to me that the players are real friendly and they want to see you do well. Nigel Dixon and David Anderson give me the opportunity to play a game against players of their size and competition level. That gives me the opportunity to better my game.”
This almost seven-foot giant that teammates call ‘Tre’ and ‘T-Harv’ now prepares to play for Florida State.

“I want them [the fans] to know that I enjoy playing for FSU and I like the environment. I enjoy being here. I really want them to know that I enjoy playing basketball here and also relaxing on the beach.”

He smiles, he enjoys playing basketball for FSU and most importantly, if you go to the beach, listen for the reggae music – Trevor will likely be nearby.

By Chad Beatty
Sports Information Assistant
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