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Mentors in Violence Prevention

Aug. 15, 2010

Mentors in Violence Prevention are coming back to campus, January 10th & 11th, to educate our student-athlete population on the importance of prevention and intervention when it comes to being a bystander/teammate in domestic violence situations.  This program will be mandatory for all student-athletes who are not competing or don’t have class for the times that are assigned for your team.  This year, the focus will be on types of abuse in a relationship. This will be a thought provoking program that will hopefully be beneficial in providing our student-athletes with the tools to feel more empowered in supporting other student-athletes who may have had a past with abusive relationships.

In addition to the student-athlete sessions, there will also be a staff session on Monday, January 11th at 10 a.m. for coaches and athletic staff in order to get an idea of what our student-athletes will be discussing in their sessions. This is also a period for coaches and administrators to ask any questions to the MVP group about the method of delivering this very important message to our student-athletes.