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Dec. 27, 2004

Jacksonville, Fla. – The No. 15 Florida State Seminoles (8-3) held their first full practice for the Gator Bowl at Jacksonville University Monday morning as they continued to prepare for their New Year’s Day match-up with West Virginia (8-3). Yesterday the team held a light workout with conditioning at Bishop Kenny High School after reporting on Sunday afternoon. Defensive end D.J. Norris suffered a seizure at the end of Sunday’s workout and spent the night at Memorial Hospital where his is undergoing tests. Due to travel problems, nine Seminoles were not able to attend Sunday’s practice. Offensive tackle Ray Willis was the only player not on hand for Monday’s session. Willis, who was in North Carolina for the holiday, was snowed in.


(on players arriving)

“I think everyone got in last night. Ray Willis is the only one not here. He was up in North Carolina where the snow got him. He’s been injured, so we do want to see if he can run. I nearly have a feeling one of them (David Overmyer or Mario Henderson) will have to start unless Ray came in and just felt like a million dollars.”

(on importance of playing well in a bowl game for the seniors)

“Every time they play there’s an opportunity. I always remember 1982 when we played West Virginia over here. Dennis McKinnon, who had been a good receiver, had a great day. He ran a reverse about 60 yards and caught a touchdown on a jump ball in the end zone. He got drafted pretty early and won a Super Bowl ring in the next couple years. Every time you play a game, opportunities like that jump up for your boys and especially the seniors. You like to see something like that happen.”

(on D.J. Norris)

“There has been no history that we know of. That’s one of the big mysteries around – why that would happen. That’s what the doctors will have to figure out. The good news is he is much better today.”


QB Chris Rix

(on building off of momentum from the fourth quarter of the Florida game)

“It’s a different game. You can’t really take anything from that especially since we played over a month ago. We had a great week of practice in Tallahassee and we had a good day yesterday. Now we have to finish this week executing and knowing our assignments so we can go out on Saturday and be successful.”

(on his last game as a Seminole)

“I’m really trying not to get too wrapped up in it. I’m just trying to focus on the task at hand and West Virginia. After the game, it will hit me then. I’m not trying to think about it much right now.”

RB Lorenzo Booker

(on arriving late)

“I arrived in Jacksonville about 10:30 last night, but didn’t get to the hotel until midnight because they lost my luggage again. I lost my luggage when I went home to California before Christmas and then they lost it again coming back. I don’t know what kind of sign that is.”

(on adjusting to time change)

“When I go home, I usually get tired around 7:00 or 8:00. Now I come back and I can’t go to sleep. After practice, I’ll get a nap. Practice won’t be too difficult. The cold is the hardest part to deal with. It’s not like this in California.”

TE Matt Henshaw

(on playing against his brother)

“It’s going to be very weird. If I line up across from him, I might get an offsides penalty. It will be weird to see him out there.”

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