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Moore Highlights A Teammate In Trinetta Time

Feb. 10, 2004

It’s always fun to brag about your teammates and I have the opportunity to do so with one of our freshman, Ronalda Pierce. Last month, Ronalda received quite an honor when her high school, Turner County, retired her jersey. After practice on January 17th, Ronalda headed home to Ashburn, Ga., for the ceremony. Coach Sue also went to see the exciting occasion. “For this week’s Trinetta Time,” I asked Ronalda a few questions about the event:

By Trinetta Moore:

Ronalda, you recently had your high school jersey retired, tell me how it felt?
“It was really great. My family was there, my teammates and some of my friends. I was happy and glad to have this special moment happen to me because I was the first black female (at the school) to go to a Division I college.”

Why do you think that they retired your jersey?
“I broke all the school records there and set new ones that will not be broken.”

When looking at where you wanted to play college ball, what made Florida State stand out from other schools?
“I chose Florida State mostly because the coaches were nice and it was close to home.”

What number did you wear in high school and why?
“The number I wore was #55. The reason I chose that one is because I wanted to be different and now, as you can see, it’s retired. Now I wear it at Florida State.”

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