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More Rain Forces FSU Football On To The Band Field For Practice

Aug. 13, 2008

Tallahassee, FL – Last pre-season lightning was the recurring theme for the Florida State football team. This year it is torrential downpours. On Wednesday the rains came once again but that did not stop the Seminole football team. The squad practiced for 24 periods in shells on the band/turf field. On Tuesday it was periods 13-24 that were run under water but on Wednesday it was just the opposite as 1-12 were soaking wet.



  • Rodney Gallon confirmed today that he is no longer a part of the Seminole football team. He told the FSU Sports Information office that he will be enrolled in school this fall and is excited to complete the final nine hours towards his degree. Football is just not part of his future right now but completing his college degree is a priority. 
  • Terrance Parks suffered a right knee contusion at the end of the session as well.



  • After working on field goal and punt block, the squad split up into position groups. The units then worked versus scout teams.
  • For the first time this season the team worked on board drills for a period.
  • Inside started off with the full team at first. Both Brandon Paul and Antone Smith had nice runs.
  • After the receivers and DB’s broke off for 1-on-1’s inside continued and Paul and Smith had more highlights as both turned in long gains. Quarterback Drew Weatherford had completions to Caz Piurowski and Ja’Baris Little.
  • 1-on-1 was run in the red zone and E.J. Manuel and one from Weatherford. Weatherford also had TD passes to Bert Reed, Avis Commack, Jarmon Fortson, Rod Owens and Chase Walker. Manuel not only had the three TDs to Surrency but he also completed touchdown passes to Owens and Fortson. Ponder, who was working mostly with the inside group, came over and completed a touchdown to Commack.
  • For the defense in 1-on-1 Ochuko Jenije led the charge breaking up three passes. Terrance Parks broke up two passes each and Carter had a PBU as well.
  • Skeleton was run close to the goal line as well. Ponder completed TD passes to Greg Carr and Smith. He also had completions to Owens and Richard Goodman. D’Vontrey Richardson hit Taiwan Easterling for a TD and Carr as well. It looked as if Richardson and Surrency also put up six points but the refs flagged Surrency for illegal use of the hands. Weatherford had a TD pass to Carr and completions to Reed and Little.
  • The defensive highlight was turned in by Jamie Robinson who reeled in a one-handed interception.
  • 11-on-11 opened with an Owens TD run and Smith also scored from 15-yards out. Weatherford connected with Carr for six and also hit Reed. The biggest play came on a Weatherford pass that was squeezed between two defenders and deflected but Bo Reliford kept his concentration and hauled in the touchdown pass. Manuel had a TD to Seddrick Holloway and Richardson connected with Marcus Sims.
  • For the defense in 11-on-11 Jenije had a pass break up, Emmanuel Dunbar had a tackle behind the line, Derek Nicholson got a sack on a bad exchange and Aaron Gresham had a big hit on Ty Jones.
  • Practice ended with goal line and opened up with another Owens touchdown from the three. The ball was then moved back to the seven where there was a defensive penalty. On the next play from the five, Benjamin Lampkin shut down Ponder after a two-yard gain. The offense looked like it got back into the endzone from the four-yard line when Ponder hit Surrency but the refs ruled Surrency came down out of the endzone. Practice finished with a three-yard TD run from Jermaine Thomas.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

On Wednesday’s practice:

“This synthetic turf saved us today because our fields got drenched yesterday.  I thought we had a good practice; the kids worked hard and looked like they hustled good.  We are making some progress.”


On catching a wet football in practice today as compared to yesterday:

“They caught it much better today, yea, they caught it much better today.  The rain wasn’t as bad today as it was yesterday.  It really poured yesterday; it poured just continually.  Today it came and went away and then it came and went away.  The last third of practice there wasn’t any rain.  They did catch it better.”


Is it advantageous to practice in the rain?

“Significant.  Yes, I do.  My second year here in 1977 I was about to panic – it rained every day before the season as we started our practices.  Our three fields were so muddy we couldn’t practice on them.  They were nothing but mud.  So then we went to the intramural fields and we tore it up.  I was thinking how bad our timing was going to be for the first ball game.  But it just happed we played the first ball game in the rain and the wet.  We won it pretty big so it prepared us for that.  We need so much of that.  We have not been successful so this is something you need here.  We have probably already had more than we have had in the past – as far as working in it.”


Wide Receiver Richard Goodman

On his progress so far this season after his injury:

“This is something that I have been dealing with since January that I have adapted to.  So with my knee hurting its just second nature.  Coach Dawsey, coach Fisher, coach Bowden told me that at any point if its (knee) hurting that bad to step aside.  So far, I’ve been holding up mentally and just trying to stay in it.  Some things I can’t do to the best of my ability, but I’m out there going to the right places, running the right routes, giving the young guys an idea of how they are supposed to do things.” 


On taking hits in practice:

“Just a little contact.  I never really got it to the point that I would mess up my knee that bad.  I’m trying not to be as cautious out there, because when I play cautiously that’s when things happen.  I’m just trying to go out and be me the best I can.”


Linebacker Kenny Ingram

On how the team will look this year:

“I think that first game, we’re going to be ready.  We are so psyched; we’re going to be ready.  Right now in practice, we’re looking pretty good in filling those gaps.”


On how Dekoda Watson has helped the team become better:

“Dekoda is a big help; without him I wouldn’t have picked up a lot of stuff.  He takes time out of practice and during film sessions to sit down and talk with us and show us exactly what we should be doing.” 


On what he expects from himself this year:

“I expect a lot.  I don’t want to put any predictions out there.  But I expect a lot from myself.  I’m preparing hard, working hard, so I expect a lot.” 


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