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National Student-Athlete Day

April 6, 2016 marked National Student-Athlete Day. To celebrate the work of our Seminole athletes both during competition and in the classroom, we wanted to know what being a Seminole student-athlete means to them and how being a student-athlete has made an impact on their lives:

Brianne Burkert: Indoor Volleyball
“I love being a Seminole because this school has so much pride and we are one big family. The best part of being a student-athlete is having a huge support system behind you no matter what, then you get to college and you have 500 new family members. Being a student-athlete has taught me time management and patience. It has given me more confidence in who I am and has made me tough.”

National Student-Athlete Day

Hannah Welsh: Track & Field

“The best part of being a student-athlete is having the opportunity to play the sport you love. But besides that, I love the life long friendships that my sport has brought me. After coming to Florida State, I have built absolutely amazing relationships and friendships that otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to be make.

“Being a student-athlete has helped in other aspects of life because of the skills it has taught me. My sport has taught me how to be humble, to balance an insane schedule and how to never back down from a challenge. It’s taught me how to be fearless in all aspects of my life. I’m not scared of rejection and disappointment because of the losses I’ve faced in competition. I know what I’m capable of and how to never cut myself short. These are skills and characteristics I will carry with me for the rest of my life and into my future career.”

National Student-Athlete Day

Sherrell Buckley: Women’s Golf

“I love being a Seminole and representing my school. My parents went to school here so FSU is home for me. There is no greater feeling to follow the footsteps of my parents and continue their legacy here at Florida State. The best part about being a student-athlete is the family that you build. They are some of the few that understand the ambition we have to succeed not only in our sports but also in our lives. It’s comforting to surround yourself with people who know what you are going through and support you all the way. Being a student-athlete has taught me how to become a more organized person. Scheduling things in advance and not procrastinating is key to keeping everything in balance. Quality over quantity has been an extreme life lesson that I have learned not only in my sport but in all aspects of my life.”

National Student-Athlete Day

Travis Michaud: Track & Field

“I love being a Seminole because of all the things that make it so special and unique: the Garnet & Gold, the FSU War Chant, FSU’s rich history and a great campus. The best part of being a student-athlete is working toward your goals with like-minded, talented and driven athletes. Being a student-athlete has helped me become a better communicator and has reinforced the importance of focus, persistence and patience.”

National Student-Athlete Day

Carly Thomas: Cross Country/Track & Field

“I love being a Seminole because it brings pride to putting on that jersey every time I step on the line. The best part of being a student-athlete is having a whole other family for the rest of your life. The friendships I’ve made through being an athlete will carry on with me forever. Being a student-athlete has helped me become more capable of multi-tasking and setting goals for myself in school and in life outside of the athletics world. It has also allowed me to appreciate the opportunities that I have been given.”

Between workouts, practice, competition and studying, Seminole student-athletes give all they have to Florida State University holding themselves to the highest standard. Be sure to remind them how much you appreciate them by cheering them on and thanking them for their dedication to this wonderful university when you see them on campus!

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