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NCAA Super Regional Game 2 Quotes

June 12, 2011

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Texas A&M Head Coach Rob Childress

Opening Statement

“If you had told me we were going to score nine runs tonight I would have felt pretty good about our chances. Florida State did an outstanding job, took us out to the woodshed. That’s the kind of offensive performance I was talking about last night (that) Florida State’s capable of. We couldn’t get a stop. I thought we made them nervous a couple of different times. We had a six run third, made them look nervous but that’s probably about it.”


On throwing Derrick Hadley tonight

“We get to play tomorrow and it’s winner take all. We got a good one going on the mound tomorrow. I really like the things that we did offensively today. I am sure Florida State feels the same way, probably a little bit better when you score 23, missed the extra point there late. They ought to feel pretty good about themselves going to bed tonight too.”


On how he will approach his team after this game

“I think they got a pretty short-term memory 65 games in. I think they are going to come out and play hard tomorrow.”


Texas A&M Second Baseman Andrew Collazo

On tomorrow’s elimination game

“I told the guys to just have fun. Just give it up, leave it all out there whether we win or lose. Today, I felt we competed for a long time, even though we were down the whole game and that’s what showed how we are. We are not going to give up if we’re down big or down by a little bit or up big we are just going to keep coming



FSU Head Coach Mike Martin

Opening Statement

“This was just obviously one of those nights that everything went our way.  Our guys really, really got after it from pitch one to pitch 380, how many ever it was.  Just a total get-after-it effort.  I was very, very proud of each and every one of our players.  The young men up here (Jayce Boyd, Stuart Tapley, Justin Gonzalez) certainly had a lot to do with it – but the ones in that clubhouse also had a lot to do with it.  We got big plays; Tappy’s catch was certainly a big part of the game.  I don’t care what happened – it was still a momentum changer.  If that ball falls, you have a man at second base and one run in.  He makes a nice play and I thought that was just huge. 


“A big win, we know that there is nothing settled.  Tomorrow night is what it’s all about.” 


Leftfielder Stuart Tapley

On the offensive output

“We kind of went through it once before with those seniors.  Them playing hypothetically one of their last games in college.  I was obviously in a position that I was in … it’s not like we approached tonight’s game any differently.  We are never satisfied; we stay hungry for all 27 outs and all nine innings.  We just came out with a lot of intensity.  You have to hold your breath the entire game with those guys (Texas A&M) because they are such a great ball club.  We just kept grinding it out at bats and had some good ones.


On what his performance tonight meant to him

“It’s not about me to be honest with you.  I wouldn’t have had two home runs or been in the situation I was in tonight without the coaching staff and my players.  I can’t go out in the field and produce as can anyone of us without the support of our teammates.  It’s just huge – you walk out there with your head held high and your chest bowed out just because you are a Seminole.”


First baseman Jayce Boyd

On the team’s intensity

“It’s just like (Stuart) said – you need to stay hungry the entire game.  They played a great game.  Regardless of how many runs we scored they played a great game and hit the ball well.  Like he said you have to fight for 27 outs and get after it.” 


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