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NCAA Tournament Florida State Pre-Tournament Quotes

Florida State Head Coach Sue Semrau:
(opening) “We are thrilled to be here in Ames. This is quite a basketball environment, and Iowa State definitely has the ballclub and facility to host in this tournament. I look forward to playing Tulane. They have great balance inside and outside. They rebound well, and are a great shot-blocking team because of their size and athletic ability. This is our first appearance in the NCAA Tournament in 10 years. Our seniors (this year) were very instrumental in helping to make this all happen. We’ve had some good recruiting classes to help this dream become a reality. It’s a very exciting time for Florida State basketball.”

(on experience in the NCAA Tournament)
“I feel as though this tournament offers the same excitement as, for instance, the ACC Tournament. I think that there will be a lot of excitement here for this tournament.”

(on selling the program)
“We stress to our recruits the success of other Florida State programs. (baseball, football, etc.) The academic system is in place and there are athletic resources that appeal to the kids. We also talk to the kids about the courage to make a difference at a school that hasn’t had a real strong basketball program.”

(on post play of Tulane and FSU)
“Tulane is a big physical team that has a lot of experience. They are a great down-low team that is complimented by great outside schools. We compliment that with our own size and experience.”

Florida State Forward Brooke Wyckoff:
(comparing last season to this season) “We are fortunate to have a similar team to last year’s. We are more mature and experienced. We’re also a very close team. Our European tour in August really helped that. Our games were very close last year. The losses were tough, emotionally. I have to credit the coaches, who told us to learn from the losses. We’ve been able to come together in those close situations.”

(on making FSU her choice)
“I just wanted the opportunity to be a part of a big-time program.”

Florida State Guard Lakesha Springle:
(on wins over Virginia and Duke) “Those games gave us a huge confidence boost. Beating Virginia for the first time in school history, and beating Duke at Duke. We were able to weather the storms. Duke went on a 13-0 run to start the second half, and we were still able to win.”

Florida State Center Levys Torres:
(on counteracting Tulane’s post players) “We’ve been working really hard on defense, putting a lot of pressure down low.”

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