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NCAA TOURNAMENT TALLAHASSEE: Post-game quotes from the Florida State/Jacksonville match.

Nov. 10, 2006

FSU Head Coach Mark Krikorian


I thought that we came out early and imposed ourselves into the game in a very positive fashion.  We were looking to bring a lot of energy early and I thought we did that and it certainly helped us score an early goal, and then follow up with a few by Katrin (Schmidt).  Overall I think that it was a good result.  We got a lot of players into the game, and we got a little bit of rest for our players for Sunday. 


On only playing the starters in the first half


We were looking for a total team effort and we got that from all the players that came in and worked hard and we were rewarded by having the chance to move on to the second round. 


On making an effort to get Katrin Schmidt the ball


There’s always an effort to get Katrin into the offense.  She’s a fantastic attacking player, especially since she’s been playing in the back.  She came to us from Germany as an attacking player, and has been converted into a defender.  I think she’s an outstanding defender.  Today her timing was quite good being in the right place at the right time and some nice clever finishes.


On scoring six goals


We were pretty opportunistic.  The goals that we scored were goals that earlier in the year, we were missing.  It’s nice to get them to come together at this point of the season.  Balls bounce around in the penalty box and Katrin finding a way to put the ball in the net, Kelly the same way.  I think that finishing is one of the things that can become cyclical.  When it starts happening for you, you start getting a little bit more of the breaks.  We got good bounces, and they ended up in the net.  So it’s a credit to all of them for having the composure to get the ball in the net. 


Senior Midfielder Kelly Rowland


On getting their legs back


I think we had a relatively late practice on Monday, and a couple late practices to get back in the swing of things.  Tonight is obviously going to help us for down the road, not having to play the full ninety and letting some of our other players that deserve playing time play.  I think today is definitely a help, so I mean right now we are getting ready to go to the other training room to stretch and sit in the cold tub 


Sophomore Defender Katrin Schmidt


On her goal with her back-heel goal


The ball was kind of bouncing in the box, and I was with my back to the goal and the goalkeeper.  So I just tried to get it in the goal somehow. 


On spending time with the offense rather than the defense


Yeah those are the games that I like the best, when I can attack.  I was able to attack today, and able to score.  It was a good game


Jacksonville University Head Coach Chris Kouns


Just want to say thanks to Florida State for having the opportunity to have this game tonight.  Anytime that a mid-major program gets to the NCAA tournament and gets to play a class program with a coach that is as well respected as Mark Krikorian and a team that plays as well as they do is a great learning experience for our kids and we just appreciate that.


On the difference that playing Florida State made in the game


It was an uphill battle.  To be honest, it was even tougher for us coming into this game because our conference tournament required us to play three games in 49 hours, and I have nine girls this evening that are sick.  So we put nine players out onto the field that hadn’t practiced or played in the last six days.  Against a class team like Florida State, who is as technically sound and as great as they are made it an uphill struggle a little bit more uphill.


On the sick players playing in the conference tournament


It was because of that, we played all three games in a 49 hour period and it was 20 to 25 degrees each night, and their bodies have not recovered.  I talked to Mark at the ACC tournament and he said that his kids had played three games in five days and he felt like they were tired.  I give a tremendous amount of credit to our girls for all the effort they put forth to get to see this environment against a team like Florida State.

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