May 16, 2011 - by
New Technology Deployed

May 16, 2011

Today, FSU announced plans to implement GradesFirst, the premiere student-athlete Academic Support System.

The academic success of our student-athletes is a primary goal of Florida State University. The GradesFirst Student Support System will provide increased efficiencies that will maximize our academic advisor’s time spent with out student-athletes. More time spent with each student allows us to build that personal relationship that can lead to more effective communication.

GradesFirst combines many services and systems into one integrated solution. Academic advising services, tutoring progress reports, study hall management, appointment scheduling, centralized student documentation, coach and faculty communications and a messaging center can all be accessed through the one system. It will help us to more efficiently identify any at-risk students early within a term so our advisors and coaches can effectively intervene immediately.

Successful intervention many times is a result of timely communication. Unfortunately for most of the student population, email has become an outdated form of communication. Instant communication through text messaging, social networking sites like Facebook, chats IMs and mobile applications are now the norm. With GradesFirst, we will be able to incorporate communication tools that our students are currently using to connect with them instantly. By text messaging appointment reminders and providing real-time appointment request tools, GradesFirst provides the tools to stay connected with our students.

“Like our office, GradesFirst is continually improving their product by hiring new staff, implementing innovative ideas and tailoring services to meet the needs of student-athletes. By pairing with GradesFirst, I foresee a significant increase in our ability to communicate and further assist our population. I’m looking forward to the partnership!” -Dr. Jason Pappas, Director of FSU Student Athlete Academic Services