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No. 16 Florida State Football Stages An Early Practice Due To Golden Torch

Oct. 27, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – After ascending to 16th in the AP and USA Today polls and 15th in the BCS standings, the Seminole football team took to the practice fields Monday afternoon. Florida State has won four straight games and got an early practice in on Monday due to the Golden Torch Gala. The awards banquet honors the teams and individuals with the highest grad point averages. FSU will get back to preparations for Georgia Tech on Tuesday.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On the state of his team:

“That’s the thing about it – if you start winning the next game gets bigger.  If you win it then the next one is – there is no stopping there.  We not in real bade shape; we are kind of beat up.  Everybody about this time of year is probably about that way.  We’ll see how we do tomorrow.”


Is there a big difference between beat up and injured:

“Yea, there is a big difference.  I’m trying to think if anybody got hurt enough that can’t play.  Antone (Smith) was riding a bicycle today.  I think he’ll be okay.  Bert (Reed) comes back this week.  (Jermaine Thomas) seems to be okay.  He’s was out there running today.  I didn’t see any effects of it. 


Are you surprised at how quickly COACH Johnson’s system has taken hold:

“It’s a very simple offense.  It’s so simple.  It’s not like it’s pro stuff where you are throwing the ball all over the field.  But it’s a very complicated thing – you better know what you are doing on defense.  The thing that scares you is you get the ball and keep it all day long.  They take them five minutes drives and stuff like that – four yards a clip and something spits out of there.  What happens is you play against the wishbone you got to get everybody up there tackling.  You have to get them back up there so you get a lot of one on one.  You probably get one on one all day.  You got a great receiver; now if you can fool the defense and make them think you are running and get him down there – that’s the way they pulled that Clemson game out.  You get a lot of opportunities to catch the ball.  You don’t see it (the option offense) much any more.” 


What are some basic keys to slow the option offense down?

“You have got to be disciplined.  It’s assignment football.  You have got him and you have got him and you better not forget it.  If you do something spits out all the way.  Whereas when we play a normal team you hit the blocker then you throw him down and go get the ball.  With this thing you better get the dive and you’d better get the quarterback and you’d better get the pitch.  When you get to doing that too good they will fake all of that and drop back and throw on you with one on one downfield.  It’s seems like you slow it down, slow it down, slow it down and then all of a sudden bop!  You’ve got to slow that thing down I know that. 


Tailback Antone Smith

On his health:

“I’m feeling alright.  I not my best – I’m not at 100 percent right now but I feel pretty good.  My legs are fresh but my ribs are a little banged up.  Other than that I feel pretty good.  The elbow is feeling good it’s still swollen little bit but it’s more ribs that anything else.  That’s back to the first play of the Colorado game.  It got aggravated Saturday. 


Are you frustrated because you have been healthy until now?

“I’m still think I’m healthy as far as with legs and upper body but this right here (my ribs) has gone down and I don’t think it’s going the effect anything.  As far as taking blows it’s probably going to hurt that but as far as mentally being ready, I’m ready. 


Is it something you can play with?

“I’ll do what I have to do to get ready to play.  If it’s sitting out of practice or getting rest – I’ll do that.  I’ll do whatever it takes to win.  I’ve been playing in a vest since the Colorado game.  It’s helped.  This particular injury didn’t happen I didn’t get hurt because somebody hit me – I fell on the ground and somebody fell on top of me and I kind if irritated it.  It’s my senior year I don’t have any other go around so I have to keep going out there and playing hard and keep trying top be productive.”


CB Tony Carter:

On the confidence booster from beating Virginia Tech:

“Definitely a confidence booster. We needed a big win at home, a significant win. It was definitely important to our team, not only as a defense. We came up with a big win and we control our own destiny in the conference.”


On Georgia Tech’s offense:

“Hard nosed. You know exactly what you’re going to get but you know you can’t stop it. They do a good job. We have to be disciplined all week with our assignments and just go out there and tackle well.”


On what the team did today at practice:

“Working on mistakes from what we did last week. We always start off with that. Just working on some things we’re going to do against Georgia Tech. They have kind of an offense we haven’t seen thus far this season. There’s a lot of new things for some guys and just being disciplined and doing our assignments.”


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