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No. 16 FSU Football Completes Its Preparation For NC State

Oct. 3, 2006

Tuesday’s Florida State Practice Report


· Florida State practiced 15 periods Tuesday in its final preparations for Thursday night’s NC State game.

· The practice was spent working against the NC State scout teams.

· The offense spent all 15 periods on Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium. The group worked with crowd noise pumped in for 12 of those periods.

· The defense worked exclusively on the football practice fields.

· Gary Cismesia made all three of his field goal attempts during the practice.

· The offense worked on goal line, red zone and the two-minute drill.


OUT: Marcus Ball, Tony Carter, Emmanuel Dunbar, Jamal Edwards, Paul Griffin, Anthony Houllis and Jae Thaxton.


QUESTIONABLE: Shannon Boatman, Darius McClure



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

(On preparation for NC State)

“We’ve prepared about as good as we can prepare and we are ready to go up there and play a ballgame. Now we have to go up there and see if we can execute. We’ve done all we can do.”

(On N.C. State’s defense)

“It’s a very good, solid defense. In the games they have lost I don’t think people have gotten a lot of points. It is a very good defense.”

(On Playing against NC State Head Coach Chuck Amato)

“We are playing against North Carolina State; it really doesn’t make a difference who is on the other side.”

Quarterback Drew Weatherford

(On what he sees in NC State)

“The same thing I see every year. They’re a very aggressive team; they’ve got a lot of speed; they like to play man-to-man. They are a lot like a Miami team that we played earlier this year.”

(On the FSU offensive development)

“It was a little shaky early on and we were kind of disappointed in how we executed but I feel like after getting the Rice game out of the way and being able to throw the ball and run the ball effectively, it’s kind of given us a new confidence and enabled us to execute a little better this week in practice.”

(On the FSU offensive line match-up against NC State)

“I feel really confident in our guys; they have been working really hard. They have been watching a lot of film and have a good understanding of their tendencies and their defensive schemes. I feel like we will be both mentally and physically prepared.”

Linebacker Buster Davis

(On the game versus NC State)

“This is a very serious match-up. We have to take it very seriously since it is an ACC game. Pretty much we can’t lose any more ACC games if we want to get to Jacksonville. It is another game. We have to prepare hard for it like we have been all week. Hopefully we’ll come out with a win.”

(On the off-week)

“This has been a long two weeks. We have been practicing a lot and done a lot of good things. We had some scrimmages and practiced in a scrimmage-type atmosphere. There really is no off-week. We have been practicing hard. It is like we played on Saturday since we practiced Saturday and Sunday. We’re looking forward to finally playing on Thursday.”

(On playing Thursday night)

“Prime time! Prime time! It’s a big game and everybody in the country is going to be watching it. There isn’t anything on TV Thursday night. I don’t think any big shows come on. My show is CSI Miami and that doesn’t come on Thursday. It is the only show I watch. Hopefully people will be able to watch us get a big win.”

(On playing against a Chuck Amato coached team)

“He and coach Andrews kind of developed the defense. We do some things different now that he is gone. He knows coach Andrews but that’s nothing. Be we are going to come out and do what we need to do. Play big-time football.

Offensive Lineman John Frady

(On the health of the offensive line)

“We’re alright. Everybody got some bumps and bruises on the bye week. I think everybody will be 100% come Thursday night.”

(On the NC State defensive ends)

“They are good players. I think it is really going to give us an opportunity to prove what we can do and prove that we can run the ball. That’s what we want to do come Thursday night. I think we will be able to do it.”

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