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No. 19 FSU Practices In Full Pads For The Last Time In Preparation For Clemson

Aug. 29, 2007

  • Coach Bobby Bowden Football Practice Report Podcast – August 29

    Tallahassee, Fla.With college football kicking off in just over 24 hours, the 19th-ranked Seminoles, the last team to play on opening weekend, returned to the practice fields Wednesday. FSU practiced for 21 periods in pads. It was the last time the team will put on full pads until they step on the field Monday night versus Clemson. Florida State will return to practice Thursday.



    • Practice opened up with special teams. The squad worked on field goal block, kick-off return and kick-off coverage.

    • After position group work, the offense and defense once again worked versus the scout teams.

    • There were a few nice plays during inside drills. Antone Smith and Jamaal Edwards both broke tackles and turned in nice runs. Xavier Lee had a great run on a scramble. Everette Brown and Neefy Moffett combined on a tackle for loss, Andre Fluellen disrupted a play with great penetration into the backfield as did Emmanuel Dunbar. Toddrick Verdell had a fumble recovery.

    • In 1-on-1 Tony Carter had two pass break-ups for the defense. D’Vontrey Richardson connected with Bert Reed but it was Drew Weatherford that made the biggest plays. The junior hit Damon McDaniel and then two big hook-ups with Richard Goodman. The first was a deep ball and the second was a highlight reel catch as Goodman leapt over the DB to make the catch.

    • In skeleton versus the scout team Weatherford completed two passes to Fagg, one to Rod Owens and a deep ball to Parker. For the defense Patrick Robinson had an interception and Dekoda Watson and Geno Hayes combined on a pass break-up.

    • The defensive line had the better of pass rush on Wednesday. Emmanuel Dunbar, Everette Brown and Letroy Guion all had multiple wins. Budd Thacker, Moffett, Fluellen and Paul Griffin also beat their blockers. On the other side Daron Rose won a couple battles as did Rodney Hudson and David Overmyer also got a win.

    • Weatherford continued to practice well in pass skel. He hit Fagg twice and Goodman twice. One to Goodman was a deep TD. The only big defensive highlight was Carter’s pick.

    • 11-on-11 was situational. In the first period it was pretty wide open and Weatherford was able to connect with Fagg and Charlie Graham. Xavier Lee completed a TD to Greg Carr. When the chains moved into the red zone, most of the plays were on the ground. Smith had two nice runs as did Edwards. Edwards converted two 3rd-and-shorts. One he broke a tackle and took into the endzone. For the defense Brown had a QB pressure, Alex Boston and Fluellen had a tackle for loss on a 3rd-and-short, Kendrick Stewart had a sack and Benjamin Lampkin and Paul Griffin stuffed a play right at the line stopping the offense from moving the chains.




    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    On being in pads

    “It’s the last day in full pads, tomorrow we’ll come out in shells.  We’ve had two days in a row of full pads, working pretty hard.  The heat hasn’t let up, so they’ll be in pretty good shape for that ballgame.”


    On being tired of hitting each other

    “This time of the year it’s true, all across the country.  Everybody’s tired of practicing, everybody’s wanting to play somebody.  We’ll start slacking down now to get ready for that ballgame.”


    On practicing with crowd noise

    “We’ll definitely practice with noise.  We might bring loud speakers out here or in the stadium.  You can’t get it as loud as it is in that stadium.  That stadium you cannot hear, you couldn’t hear a word I say.”


    On Tight End Depth

    “We’ve got (Charlie) Graham and we’ve got (John) Frady working there.  We’ve got (Tyler) Graves working there some on short yardage, also (Caz) Piurowski is sliding over there some on short yardage and goal line.  Then you have two walk-ons (Sean) Compton and (Josh) Dobbie working with them.”


    Defensive Back Bernard Brinson

    On having to sit out while waiting to be cleared to play 

    “I’ve gone through a lot.  It was hard, I couldn’t come out and show the coaches what I could do.  They took me off a lot of special teams stuff because I wasn’t out here.  I just had to suck it up and take it like a man.”


    On what he did while waiting

    “I went back home (Madison Co.) and did a little work on my own so I wouldn’t fall off.  I just tried to stay in shape. I was lifting weights and running on my own.”


    On being cleared

    “I felt like I had a shot.  I felt like they would call, I wanted them to call me sooner.”


    On being back to practice

    “I had to work my way back up on special teams.  Just came out and did a little hitting and stuff, showed them that I’m still in shape, that I’m not falling off.”


    On his first hit

    “It felt good, it felt like I still had it.”


    Offensive Lineman Shannon Boatman

    On offensive line chemistry

    “We’re brothers through this no matter what goes on.  We need each other, we can always fall back on each other regardless on how tough the coaches have been and tough situations.  That’s one thing we’ve been learning.”


    On bonding together on and off the field

    “Off the field we do a lot of things as far as the whole line.  We’re all gelling together and working together so no matter who we put out there as the starting five we all just know each other and we all know what to do to come together and gel and play well.”


    On their unity being noticeable

    “It’s real noticeable especially sometimes when we sneak out and go eat a buffet.  People see how close we are and how we just laugh and play around.  Even the coaches and the defense has noticed just how hard we play.  Whenever somebody’s down we always pick each other up.”

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