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Nole Quotes

Sept. 2, 2000

Box Score

Norisha Campbell:

She really deserves this, she is a great coach. Our team was talking about 600 all weekend as one of our goals, as well as hers. As a player, I think I have learned a great deal from her. When I first got here I didn’t know that much about the game, but she taught me a lot. I think as a team, we should aim to give her more than just number 600, we should keep striving for more. I wish her luck and success in her future, I hope she gets another 600 wins.

Jennifer Werrick:

She has worked so hard to get everything, so anything she accomplishes she deserves because she has worked so hard. I would think that she has attained most, if not all, of her goals. It is a privilege to be a part of the team that gave her that 600th win.
I wish her the best, and good luck in her future.

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