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‘Noles To Ponder: ‘Good Luck’

Oct. 23, 2011

Former Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder will make the first start of his NFL career today for the Minnesota Vikings.

Ponder, who turned his impressive FSU career into a 12th overall selection in last April’s 2011 NFL Draft, will be under center for the Vikings against the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers at 4:15 p.m. on FOX. He has replaced Donovan McNabb at quarterback for struggling Minnessota.

This week, I asked Seminoles fans on Twitter to send a personal message to “CP7” and these are the best ones I received.

-Brandon Mellor, Seminoles.com Senior Writer

@cmcasarez: “Although I am a diehard Packer fan, I hope CP7 does well on Sunday. Looks like he’s what the Vikings need right now.”

@TimothyNoble1: “good luck to CP7! I know he will make Seminole Nation proud”

@FSUbaseballgirl: “loved @cponder7 when he played against VT for his first game ever! Hope he does excels in the NFL. #CP7Vikes”

@tonyjackson78: “To bad the Viks have thrown him to the wolves. I hope he succedes. Tough 1st start. Good luck @cponder7 stay calm & within”

@FadieNoles: “I know CP7 will b successful and make FSU proud.I’m sure we’ll be seeing alot of cp7 2 harvin (oh what could have been @ FSU)”

@sgt7681: “The Seminole Nation is rooting for you! We’ll get back from watching our Noles and tune into your game. Go Vikes!”

@heradog: “GB is gonna be a hard game to start, but I know @cponder7 is gonna be great. all #Noles fans know the #truth”

@FSUWarren21: “CP7 deserves this job with a passing game complimenting Adrian Peterson. Vikings have a shot to turn their season around!!!”

@Uncle_Pedro: “Despite TDilphers prediction I have rooted for CP to become the Starting Qb & think he will acquit himself well vs the Pack”

@joarichardson: “It’s time to show the world, what ‘Nole fans already know…the Vikings picked the right person for the job.”

@DutchFSU: “Dear CP7, please have a solid career by not allowing this OL to get you killed this season. Signed, #Noles fans worldwide.”

@SCRAPPYMASE25: “Have a day #7 in true Seminole Nation fashion…you’ve earned it.”

@colleenk8: “Let’s go CP7. Prove to everybody why u are a 1st round draft pick.”

@Jfarris24: “Good Luck Christian Ponder I will root for you to play great on Sunday and I wish you nothing but the best”

@KJS_ESQ: “Ponder, you’re awesome, but don’t you dare tackle anyone! Go Noles past and present!”

@alexandraw_hall: “Good luck Christian! Make us Seminoles proud!”

@CPAMobley: “Good luck 2 CP7 #Noles only way it would be better is if @gened01 was not across the pond doing #Vikes play by play GOD Bless”

@conservativeRDH: “Excited to see UR 1st start as a Viking. Give um hell Christian!”

@Fordoyucca: “Good luck today…. Represent Nole Nation with pride!!! We all got your back #SEMINOLE4LYFE”

@imchrchmusician: “Seminole Nation is behind you cp7!”

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