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`Noles win Gold and Silver Championships at Fiesta on Siesta Key

April 12, 2014

SIESTA KEY, Fla. – The No. 4-ranked Florida State sand volleyball team captured the Gold and Silver bracket division and went undefeated among its top three teams during Day 2 of competition at the Fiesta at Siesta Key sand volleyball event.

The duo of junior Melanie Pavels and Julie Brown won seven consecutive matches en route to the Gold championship, while sophomore Annie Montgomery and freshman Julia Thompson won the Silver championship.

Both brackets and pools were played one set to 25 in the Gold and Silver Divisions.

“Overall, we had a great day,” FSU head coach Danalee Corso said. “We went undefeated in the Sand Pairs Challenge pool play and we won the Gold and Silver brackets. I’m looking forward to having another great day tomorrow. Hopefully we can win the Sand Pairs Challenge too. Melanie and Julie played so well all day. They were really dominant. They’ve really been challenged recently within our team and they’ve retooled some things and came out and played great today. I’m really proud of them.”

The match of the day came when Montgomery and Thompson trailed 16-8 in the Silver Finals, but fought back to win 27-25. It was just one comeback among several for the duo this season, who can never be counted out of a match.

“Julia and Annie are who we are calling the comeback kids now,” Corso said. “Several times this season they have been down and fought back to win. I’m really impressed in their ability to fight back and win. They didn’t play as well last week, but they were impressive today and I’m really excited for them. They’re a young team and they just keep getting better. Today was a good confidence builder.”

In the Siesta Sand Pairs Challenge, FSU’s No. 1 team of junior All-American Jace Pardon and senior All-American Aurora Davis, No. 2 pair of junior Stephanie Pellitteri and sophomore Kristina Pellitteri and the No. 3 duo of senior Fatma Yildirim and junior All-American Sarah Wickstrom all went 3-0 in pool play and will be the top seeds in Sunday’s Pairs Challenge tournament.

Brown and Pavels put on the most dominant performance on the day, defeating a team from Webber International 25-1. The duo was up 23-0 before allowing a point.
Freshmen Hailey Luke and Sierra Sanchez also competed in the gold bracket and went 4-1, while sophomores Lexy Ryan and Kayla Joyce finished 2-2 in the silver bracket.

The Siesta Sand Pairs Challenge continues tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. and will be decided by single elimination bracket play.

Fiesta on Siesta Key Team Cup Results

Pool Play (1 Game to 25)

Pool 1

Julie Brown-Melanie Pavels (FSU) def. Maddie Hills-Ashley Watson (CofC) 25-11

Julie Brown-Melanie Pavels (FSU) def. Bertram-De La Iglesia (WIU) 25-1

Julie Brown-Melanie Pavels (FSU) def. Moreno-Maynard (St. Thomas) 25-7

Pool 2

Sarah Agnew-Katelyn Rawls (GSU) def. Annie Montgomery-Julia Thompson (FSU) 25-16

Annie Montgomery-Julia Thompson (FSU) def. Fairs-Mullins (USF) 25-12

Annie Montgomery-Julia Thompson (FSU) def. Kayla Kane-Amber Bennett (ULM/Tulane) 25-7

Pool 3

Hailey Luke-Sierra Sanchez (FSU) def. St. Catherine 1 Team 25-10

Hailey Luke-Sierra Sanchez (FSU) def. Milani Pickering/Natalie Wilson (GSU) 25-22

Hailey Luke-Sierra Sanchez (FSU) def. Lockwood/Moralobo (Warner) 25-12

Pool 4

Kristine Monforte-Martyna Gluchowicz (FIU) def. Kayla Joyce-Lexy Ryan (FSU) 27-25

Kayla Joyce-Lexy Ryan (FS7) def. Markus-Wiese (St. Thomas) 25-10

Kayla Joyce-Lexy Ryan (FSU) def. Baker-Gutmann (FGCU) 25-12

Fiesta on Siesta Key Team Cup Gold Bracket

1st Round (1 Game to 25)

Hailey Luke-Sierra Sanchez (FSU) def. Hannah Holmes-Anna Wruck (TUL) 25-20

Julie Brown-Melanie Pavels (FSU) vs. BYE

2nd Round (1 Game to 25)
Karolina Sowala-Helene Rancourt (Webber1) def. Hailey Luke-Sierra Sanchez (FSU) 25-17

Julie Brown-Melanie Pavels (FSU) def. Alida Schat-Brittany Mock (WIU) 25-18

Quarterfinals (1 Game to 25)

Julie Brown-Melanie Pavels (FSU) def. Chloe Jenkins-Kami Dickenson (GCU) 25-15

Semifinals (1 Game to 25)

Julie Brown-Melanie Pavels (FSU) def. Sarah Agnew-Katelyn Rawls (GSU) 25-17

Finals (1 Game to 25)

Julie Brown-Melanie Pavels (FSU) def. Taylor Eiken-Katie Lindstrom (WIU) 25-14

Fiesta on Siesta Key Team Cup Silver Bracket

1st Round (1 Game to 25)

Annie Montgomery-Julia Thompson (FSU) vs. BYE

Kayla Joyce-Lexy Ryan (FSU7) vs. BYE

Quarterfinals (1 Game to 25)

Courtney Liddle-Olivia Utt (TUL) def. Kayla Joyce-Lexy Ryan (FSU) 25-19

Annie Montgomery-Julia Thompson (FSU) def. Catey Warren-Kari Fidelholtz (CofC) 25-22

Semifinals (1 Game to 25)

Annie Montgomery-Julia Thompson (FSU) def. Brooke Razo-Kaylee Dombroski (GCU) 25-14

Finals (1 Game to 25)

Annie Montgomery-Julia Thompson (FSU) def. Courtney Liddle- Olivia Utt (TUL) 27-25

Siesta Sand Pairs Challenge Results

Pool Play (Best 2 of 3)

Pool 1

Jace Pardon-Aurora Davis (FSU) def. Shannon Dugan-Megan Glennie (GCU) 21-13, 21-11

Jace Pardon-Aurora Davis (FSU) def. Tina Toghiyani-Aren Cupp (FIU) 24-22, 21-17

Jace Pardon-Aurora Davis (FSU) def. Darija Sataric-Lauren D’Amato (FAU) 21-6, 21-9

Pool 2

Stephanie Pellitteri-Nina Pellitteri (FSU) def. Meghan Mannari- Katie Lindelow (LSU1) 21-16, 20-22, 21-19

Stephanie Pellitteri-Nina Pellitteri (FSU) def. Kendall Courtney-Niatha Cullen (JU) 21-14, 21-18

Stephanie Pellitteri-Nina Pellitteri (FSU) def. Tea Juric-Jackie Wegner (TUL) 21-16, 21-15

Pool 3

Sarah Wickstrom-Fatma Yildirim (FSU) def. Kaitlin Hatcher-Helen Boyle (LSU) 21-17, 21-15

Sarah Wickstrom-Fatma Yildirim (FSU) def. Marina Boulanger-Jessica Gehrke (FIU) 21-17, 22-20

Sarah Wickstrom-Fatma Yildirim (FSU) def. Melissa Morello-Cara Howley (CofC) 21-15, 21-13

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