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Noting Toney Douglas And The Seminole Basketball Team

March 10, 2007

Playing with its starting lineup (Al Thornton, Toney Douglas, Jason Rich, Isaiah Swann and Uche Echefu) during the first three full months of the season, Florida State sprinted to a 17-7 overall record and a 5-5 record in ACC play. When Toney Douglas suffered a broken hand early in the second half of the Seminoles’ game at Clemson (Feb. 7) and did not play in the next five games, the Seminoles lost to the Tigers and were 1-4 with Douglas out of the lineup. Florida State averages more than 10 points per game in the 27 games in which Douglas has played this season as compared to the five games in which he was injured an did not play (75.7 with Douglas as compared to 65.4 without Douglas). The Seminoles has won more than 70 percent of their games and Douglas was beginning to settle into his new role as the Seminoles’ point guard prior to his injury. Without Douglas, the Seminoles won one of five games with three of Florida State’s losses coming by a total of 10 points. Included in that list of games was a one-point loss to Boston College (which finished fourth in the ACC with a 10-6 record) and a three-point loss on the road at Virginia (which finished in a tied for first in the ACC with an 11-5 record).

Florida State was 5-7 against top-50 teams in the RPI with a healthy Douglas on the floor and 0-5 against top-50 RPI teams without him.

The Seminoles earned four wins over teams in top-25 of the RPI and five wins over teams in the top 50 during the sason and had zero losses against a team with an RPI lower than 50th.

Seminole Statistics Through The Season
Games	                        PPG    FG%    3FG%    A    TO   S    Record
First 24/Douglas As A Starter   75.9  .486%   .366%   12.9 14.8 8.3  17-7
Middle 5/Douglas Out w/Injury   65.4  .406%   .382%   10.8 12.6 5.2  1-4
Last 3/Douglas Back In Lineup   74.3  .467%   .400%   10.0 14.0 8.0  2-1

Seminole Numbers With and Without Douglas
Games                           PPG    FG%    3FG%    A    TO   S   Record
6 Games B/F Douglas Injury      81.3  .506%   .457%   13.2 11.8 5.7   5-1
5 Games W/O Douglas In Lineup   65.4  .406%   .382%   10.8 12.6 5.2   1-4
Difference                      +15.9  +.100%  +.075% +2.4 -0.8 +0.5  +4 wins

Seminoles For The Season With And Without Douglas
Games                           PPG    FG%    3FG%    A    TO   S   Record
27 Games With Toney Douglas     75.7  .484%  .370    12.6  14.7 8.3   19-8
5 Games Without Toney Douglas   65.4  .406%  .382    10.8  12.6 5.2   1-4
Difference                      +10.3  +.078% +.012% +1.8  +2.1 +3.1   +18/-4
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