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Numbers Game: A Look at the Newcomer ‘Noles

July 15, 2013

Brandon Mellor Brandon Mellor
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The newest ‘Noles are approaching one month on campus and fall camp is just around the corner — and with new players and a new season comes new jersey numbers.

Below is a look at the numbers that have been assigned to each new FSU football player.


Newcomer jersey numbers

Jesus Wilson, 3

Levonte Whitfield, 9

E.J. Levenberry, 10

John Fanklin III, 11

Matthew Thomas, 12

Jalen Ramsey, 13

Ro’Derrick Hoskins, 18

Ryan Green, 24

Marquez White, 27

Nate Andrews, 29

Tyrell Lyons, 36

Desmond Hollin, 43

Ira Denson, 55

Ryan Hoefeld, 59

Richy Klepal, 72

Wilson Bell, 78

Isaiah Jones, 84

Jeremy Kerr, 85

Davarez Bryant, 91

Keith Bryant, 95


Jesus Wilson, true freshman, wide receiver

Jersey number: 3

He wore it last year: EJ Manuel and Justin Bright

Number note: It may take a while to get used to not seeing No. 3 under center after Manuel wore the trey for five years at FSU and is now wearing it for the Buffalo Bills. But Wilson will do his best to give No. 3 a new meaning as he uses his speed and athleticism on the outside at wide receiver. Interestingly, we may see No. 3 matched up versus No. 3 during fall camp as sophomore cornerback Ronald Darby switched from No. 13 this off-season and will surely line up one-on-one against Wilson at some point during pre-season practices.

Levonte “Kermit” Whitfield, true freshman, wide receiver

Jersey number: 9

He wore it last year: Clint Trickett and Karlos Williams

Number note: Trickett’s decision to transfer to West Virginia at the conclusion of spring practices created the opportunity for an offensive player to snatch up No. 9 and Whitfield, who may be college football’s fastest player, becomes the first FSU wide receiver to wear the number since Richard Goodman. Of course, no jersey number is more famous among ‘Noles pass catchers — remember a guy named Peter Warrick? Yeah, No. 9 looked pretty good on him. Here’s another situation where No. 9 (Whitfield) may match up against No. 9 (Williams) during practices. It’s also interesting to note that Whitfield is expected to make a mark on special teams but won’t be able to at the same time as Williams, who is a standout kick returner, since he wears the same number.

E.J. Levenberry, true freshman, linebacker

Jersey number: 10

He wore it last year: Nick Moody

Number note: Like Warrick’s No. 9 to wide receivers, No. 10 is special among FSU linebackers. Having been worn by none other than Derrick Brooks back in the day, it carries a certain amount of tradition for the position. No. 10 has also been famously worn by Dan Kendra, Stanford Samuels and Geno Hayes.

John Franklin III, true freshman, quarterback

Jersey number: 11

He wore it last year: Sean Maguire and Vince Williams

Number note: Maguire made the off-season switch to No. 10, thus opening up No. 11 for Florida State’s newest quarterback. No. 11 has consistently been a quarterback number at FSU with such signal-callers as Drew Weatherford, Jared Jones, Casey Weldon and Rick Stockstill all wearing the double one.

Matthew Thomas, true freshman, linebacker

Jersey number: 12

He wore it last year: Jarred Haggins

Number note: Haggins is still wearing No. 12 on offense but No. 12 on defense makes its return after being previously worn in the linebacker corps by Nigel Carr

Jalen Ramsey, true freshman, defensive back

Jersey number: 13

He wore it last year: Ronald Darby

Number note: Just like last year, No. 13 will be worn by a true freshman defensive back that also excels on the track. Darby’s switch to No. 3 after his rookie year provides the chance for the highly-hyped two-sport star Ramsey to wear No. 13 — a jersey number that has been worn in the past by ‘Noles Dexter Carter, Danny Kanell, Snoop Minnis, Antonio Cromartie and Nigel Bradham.

Ro’Derrick Hoskins, true freshman, linebacker

Jersey number: 18

He wore it last year: Dustin Hopkins

Number note: Perhaps no number on the roster will take more getting used to seeing on someone else than No. 18, which the gold-footed Hopkins wore the past four years. For Hoskins, the No. 18 hasn’t been worn on defense since defensive back J.R. Bryant sported it from 2004-07.

Ryan Green, true freshman, running back

Jersey number: 24

He wore it last year: Lonnie Pryor and Terrence Smith

Number note: While FSU fans — and coaches, for that matter — are still coping with the loss of the always-reliable Pryor to graduation, No. 24 will at least remain in the backfield where Green has the talent and potential to be a very special tailback in the FSU offense. Other Seminoles runners to have worn No. 24 in the past include Rock Preston and Jeff Chaney.

Marquez White, true freshman, defensive back

Jersey number: 27

He wore it last year: Xavier Rhodes

Number note: No pressure for White, right? Just taking over a number that Rhodes wore for four seasons while transforming himself from a raw wide-receiver prospect coming out of high school into a first-round draft selection at cornerback earlier this year. No. 27 is a pretty traditional number for defensive backs as it has also been worn by Terrell Buckley, Tay Cody and Claudius Osei.

Nate Andrews, true freshman, defensive back

Jersey number: 29

He wore it last year: N/A

Number note: After being out of rotation for a season, No. 29 is back on a scholarship player for the first time since Eric Beverly wore it in 2011 before his career was cut short because of injuries. Andrews becomes the first defensive back to wear No. 29 since Michael Ray Garvin wore those digits from 2005-08.

Tyrell Lyons, true freshman, linebacker

Jersey number: 36

He wore it last year: N/A

Number note: After a two-seasons drought, No. 36 is back on a scholarship player for the first time since Jarred Haggins wore it for a year in 2010. Recent history suggest success for a linebacker that wears this number, as Dekoda Watson previously wore No. 36 from 2006-09 before being drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Desmond Hollin, true junior, defensive end

Jersey number: 43

He wore it last year: N/A

Number note: Carradine and Markus White made names (and NFL pay checks) for themselves wearing numbers in the 90s after signing with FSU after successful stints as junior-college defensive ends and Hollin is hoping to do the same with a number in the 40s. Nigel Terrell was the last scholarship player to wear No. 43 but it was just for a year before he switched to No. 28. Before Terrell, it was the current starting kicker Carolina Panthers: Graham Gano.

Ira Denson, true freshman, offensive lineman

Jersey number: 55

He wore it last year: Jacobbi McDaniel

Number note: Two of Madison County’s finest wearing the same number and going to battle in the trenches each day at practice? I like it. Just like his new teammate (they didn’t attend Madison County High School together), Denson will wear No. 55 for the ‘Noles and will be making his debut for FSU while McDaniel will be making his return after an ankle injury cost him all of the 2012 season. Hide the women and children when those two clash on the practice fields this August.

Ryan Hoefeld, true freshman, offensive lineman

Jersey number: 59

He wore it last year: Henry Orelus

Number note: No. 59 remains on the offensive line where Hoefeld takes over the number after Orelus graduated and elected to not return for a final year of eligibility.

Richy Klepal, true freshman, offensive lineman

Jersey number: 72

He wore it last year: Dan Foose

Number note: Klepal gets No. 72 after enrolling early. In the past, this number has been worn by such Seminoles as Pat Tomberlin, Brett Williams, Ron “Lucky” Lunford and Budd Thacker.

Wilson Bell, true freshman, offensive lineman

Jersey number: 78

He wore it last year: N/A

Number note: Not since Matt Hardrick in 2006 has a scholarship player worn No. 78. That changes with Bell’s addition to the lineup.

Isaiah Jones, true freshman, wide receiver

Jersey number: 84

He wore it last year: Rodney Smith

Number note: Another jersey number that is switching student-athletes but remaining at the same position, No. 84 will also remain on a tall, lanky wide receiver. Smith wore No. 84 for four seasons while standing 6-foot-5 and Jones will begin his career wearing that same number and standing 6-foot-4.

Jeremy Kerr, true freshman, tight end

Jersey number: 85

He wore it last year: N/A

Number note: No. 85 wasn’t worn by a scholarship player last season but was worn for several years before the 2012 campaign by Ja’Baris Little. It remains at tight end with Kerr taking his high school number.

Eddie Goldman, true sophomore, defensive tackle

Jersey number: 90

He wore it last year: Moses McCray

Number note: Goldman is the lone returning player on the list but worth mentioning because his off-season jersey-number switch didn’t occur until the spring game and some might have missed it. Unlike fellow number switchers Reggie Northrup (No. 29 to 5), Ukeme Eligwe (No. 16 to 52), Maguire and Justin Shanks (No. 94 to 92) and early-enrollee freshmen Freddie Stevenson (No. 4) and DeMarcus Walker (No. 44) that had the same jersey all spring, Goldman wore his familiar No. 81 until the final day of practices when he made the permanent switch in time for the Garnet and Gold Game.

Davarez Bryant, true freshman, defensive end

Jersey number: 91

He wore it last year: Tank Carradine

Number note: FSU coaches have high hopes for the still-raw Bryant as they hope one day he can resemble the type of player that starred in No. 91 the previous two seasons: Carradine. 

Keith Bryant, true freshman, defensive tackle

Jersey number: 95

He wore it last year: Bjoern Werner

Number note: Bryant takes over the number that Werner wore for three seasons at defensive end before becoming a 2013 first-round NFL Draft pick. No. 95 has previously been worn by defensive linemen Kevin McNeil, Chauncey Davis and Kamerion Wimbley, among others.


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