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Off Season Volleyball Q&A With Summer Weissing:

June 20, 2007

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Q: How would you evaluate the 2006 season?
Summer Weissing:
“We started off really well, but didn’t maintain it. I think this year we are going to focus on being consistent and finishing as strong as we started in 2006.”

Q: What was the highlight for you?
“The biggest highlight for me was winning both away matches in Virginia. That is always a tough road trip and I think it was a great weekend for us as a team.”

Q: How would you assess the spring season?
“We got a lot accomplished in the spring. Our hitters were hitting with a lot more pace and defensively we all increased our range. We worked a lot on jump serving and I think that is going to help us in the fall. We also stepped up the strength and conditioning training program which has definitely paid off.”

Q: How motivating were the wins over Tennessee, Auburn and Alabama in the ACC/SEC Challenge?
The wins were great for us as a team. It showed us that all our hard work in the spring season had really helped us. The spring tournament boosted our confidence and showed us that we can be a successful team.”

Q: What are you expectations for next year?
“I expect us to win ACCs and make a splash in the tournament. This is the hardest we’ve worked since I have been here and everyone is on the same page and ready for the upcoming season.”

Q: What needs to be done to make it to the NCAA Tournament?
“We need to stay healthy and continue to grow together as a team. We have really become like sisters in the spring and summer, so I believe that our team chemistry is going to be great. Also, continuing to do our conditioning program so that we can outlast the other teams.”

Q: How important will the off season be to the team’s success in the fall?
“The off season is very important. We all need to be ready and in our best shape by preseason so that we can focus on drills and skill work and not have to worry about getting back into shape during that time. The program we are on now is awesome and I think we are going to see big results which will make a big difference in the fall season.”

Q: What are your plans for the summer?
“I just got back from Hawaii which was the best place I have ever been. I went to visit a friend who lives out there. Now I am just in Tallahassee working out and taking summer classes in the C session. I will go home and hang out with my family for a week somewhere in the middle of the summer, so I am excited about that.”

Q: How will you incorporate volleyball into your summer?
“All of the girls who are in Tallahassee for the summer have been playing a lot of sand volleyball which is always fun!”

Q: What can you do to make the most of your last year?
“Win ACCs and make it far in the tournament. This is our last year, so we have to lay it all out there. We want it more now than ever before and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a leader this year. We are not going to settle for anything less than everyone’s best effort and if we give everything we have, we are going to be a tough team to beat.”

Q: What are your thoughts on taking on the leadership role?
“I am ready to take on this role. Both Makini (Thompson) and I are excited about being senior leaders and are not going to accept anything less than 100 percent. We want to leave FSU knowing that we made the volleyball program better and were part of a great season, especially because this is our last go around.”

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