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Off-Season Workout Update With Strength And Conditioning Coach Jon Jost

Feb. 20, 2007

FSU Strength and Conditioning Coach Jon Jost sat down to give us an update on how off-season football workouts are progressing. He also allowed Seminoles.com an exclusive look at one of the team’s lifting sessions last week. Check out the huge photo gallery

How was the first week of the morning workouts?
We are getting better each day. I think the very first morning session showed there were many areas we needed a lot of improvement in. If we continue to make progress everyday, we will accomplish what we set out to do in this phase of the building process.

Have there been any surprises?
We have a lot of young guys. I think the offensive line has done very well. The young guys going through this for the first time, it is a big learning process for them. That is a process that is continuing to take place.

You mentioned the offensive line. Is that the group that has been asked to make the biggest adjustment compared to what they had become used to?
Probably, probably and they have responded very well. It is not like we have won any games yet but they have made good progress. They have lost a lot of body fat. We are in the process of correcting something we needed to address, which is their body composition. I have been very pleased with their work ethic and commitment to improving.

How is the adjustment coming to the changes you made in the weight room?
The changes have been accepted and everyone understands why we made those changes. In the past we did not lift on the days when we had morning sessions. So if we worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, we lifted Tuesday and Thursday. This year we are lifting and working out in the morning on the same days. Tuesday and Thursday are completely recovery days which has worked out really well. These are long days for some of our guys. We start at 5:45 and the last lifting group doesn’t get done until about 6:00 p.m. That does allow the players to have a full recovery day which has worked out well.

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