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On The Campaign Trail

Sept. 19, 2011

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — It was a huge weekend for the Florida State Athletics Department and it all got started Friday night at the Turnball Center on the east side of campus.

Just over 24 hours before the Seminoles football team squared off with No. 1 Oklahoma, FSU President Dr. Eric J. Barron and Athletics Director Randy Spetman joined the Seminole Boosters to officially announce the first set of publicly-funded finance drives for the impending construction of an indoor practice facility.

The facility has been a top priority for Jimbo Fisher since he took over the football program last year.

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“First of all, you get to address the number one priority for our coach,” Barron said. “So that’s exciting. But the other thing about it is that we have an opportunity to basically remove a disadvantage and create an advantage for a talented team and a talented set of coaches and that’s to control the weather for practice by putting our players indoors. I can’t think of a better thing to do than advantage talented people.”

Weather is typically an issue in the summer months and in to the fall and the construction of this facility will remove the possibility of missed practices.

Currently, the football team has nowhere to go when the summer storms strike Tallahassee. Even when it isn’t raining hard enough to halt practice, the team cannot work outside if there is lightning within a 10-mile radius.

“We are very fortunate at Florida State,” Spetman said. “We have great facilities but this is the next level. It doesn’t just impact football. It impacts baseball and soccer and track and all of our other sports that need to get in and get that practice but the main emphasis will be football.”

Friday night, a large number of FSU supporters gathered with athletics brass to officially kick off one of the final stages for the long-awaited facility.

Those in attendance were treated to food, fun times and a feature video highlighting the storied history of Florida State football and the need and plans for the new facility.

“I will tell you something, to have 500 people RSVP to come see a video about an indoor practice facility, which is essentially fund-raising, is incredible,” Barron said. “So, I may come to you and ask you for money and you may or may not want to see me. But for all these people to volunteer to be asked for money, that’s a statement.”

For more information and to learn how you can contribute to the fundraising, go to the brand new indoor practice facility website:

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