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On The Green With Lacey Agnew

April 30, 2010

Senior golfer Lacey Agnew and her teammates will participate in the NCAA Central Regional championship May 6-8 at the Otter Creek Golf Course in Columbus, Ind. She has helped the Seminoles earn three team championships this year while claiming her first career individual win at the Pinehurst Challenge. Agnew stopped by for a chat with seminoles.com as she and her teammates finished their exams and began to pack their golf bags for Indiana and NCAA play.

What are your plans and how will you prepare for NCAA Regional competition with such a long lay off after the ACC Championship?
“We are all very excited about playing in the regionals and were very happy when we heard our named announced earlier this week. We have researched the golf course and are preparing for it at our course. The great thing about our practice facility is that we can simulate just about any condition on any golf course that we are going to play. One of the things we are really working on as a group is our short game.

Between now and the beginning of regional competition, what will you work on to improve your game?
“As a collective unit, the short game is the most important thing we are working on right now.”

Following your strong performance in the ACC championship, what are your personal goals heading into the NCAA Regional championships?
“I am looking to win. I have great confidence in our team and we will be playing for another win.”

What do you think the one main thing this team has improved on this spring?
“The biggest improvement, in my opinion, that our team has made is that our confidence in each other is at an all-time high. We all are very supportive of one another and respect each others games. We are confident in each other on the course which allows each one of us to focus on our games and play better as individuals. As we play better as individuals we play better as a team.”

“How do you think this team has progressed this spring in order for each individual to perform so well as a team?”
“We all have the desire to win. That’s what makes us a great team is that someone has stepped up in each round and each tournament. The player that steps up is always a different person which is one of the big reasons we have so much confidence in each other.”

Has this team grown tight as the season has progressed?
“We have really grown as individual players which has allowed us to grow as a team this year. During each tournament we are growing individually as well as learning how our teammates act and react when we are placed in different situations. We have grown to be a very tight group this semester and I am definitely going to miss the girls on our team as both teammates and friends.”

What adjustments have you made throughout the spring season to put yourself in position to compete for a high finish in regionals and nationals?
“I think the biggest area we have improved in is in our approach to the game mentally. I believe that everyone’s mental game so much better this spring than ever before. We all believe in ourselves and we believe that were going to win every tournament we play in because of the confidence we have in each other.”

Does it matter to you what part of the country you will be sent for regional competition?
“No because we are comfortable on just about every type of grass and any course layout because our coaches have prepared us by scheduling our events on so many different types of courses throughout the year. We are excited to be travelling to Indiana to play and are very much looking forward to the challenge of playing in the regional and working to advance to the championship finals.”

Do you enjoy the pressure that postseason play brings?
“I love playing in the postseason and representing Florida State in the ACC and NCAA Tournaments. For us as golfers, the postseason is the most exciting time because this is what we have been playing and practicing for all year long.”

Do you watch much golf on television in your spare time?
“I do watch golf on television and enjoying watching the big tournaments.”

What do you like to do to get away from golf?
“I like most sports and enjoy doing outdoor activities.”

Do you support the other sports teams on campus when you are not on the golf course?
“Our team likes going to all the sports on campus. We have attended almost every sport on campus and really enjoy supporting all of the student-athletes on campus.”

How much fun are you having as a Florida State student-athlete as a senior?
“I am having more fun now than I have had in my career. I wish the season didn’t have to end so soon and I wish that I had another year or two left in my career. I am excited that we’re doing so well and that success will just make the coming end of the season more bitter sweet.”

When you are on the golf course, and after finishing well in your events this spring, have you and your teammates felt more a part of the elite this spring?
“Absolutely. We know that we are all good golfers and it’s great for us as individuals and players to be considered part of the elite class in college golf. It’s a lot of fun to be at or near the top of the leader board at the end of each round and especially at the end of an event.”

What was it like to get your first individual tournament win this spring?
“Winning my first tournament was very exciting. My family was there which was exciting and was something that I will never forget. Winning as an individual and with my teammates is something I have been working hard for and it couldn’t have come at a better time or place for me and my family.”

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