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One-on-One With Adrian Crawford

Nov. 17, 2000

Question from Patel Hemant of Quincy, Fla.: What can you and I do, to try and make more students come out to our games? Also, I see you having a lot of fun with Delvon, what is the best part of playing with your backcourt counterpart? He seems like a great guy as do you, and you guys seem like you play very well together…what makes it so fun?

We appreciate all of the fans that come out to watch us play. It starts with us and it starts with winning. Our marketing office has done a great job with getting the word out. We hope that the students make the effort to come out of all of our games because the students help make them exciting. I love playing with Delvon because he is unselfish and I know that when I am open he will get me the ball. He is the type of guard that looks to pass first and shoot second. It is great to play in the same backcourt with a point guard who is unselfish.

Question from Anthony Shay of Los Angeles, Calif.: What place are you expecting Florida State to finish in the ACC at season’s end?

We expect to finish in the upper half of the ACC. The one thing that makes this team really special is team chemistry. We feel that we are a good team that plays well together. Having good chemistry among your players plays a major role in winning basketball games.

Question from Mike Anderson of Tallahassee, Fla.: What do you do to motivate yourself, deep inside? You work at a very hard level but how do you keep it up? Also how do you maintain your jump shot?

I am able to motivate myself through my religious beliefs. The Bible says that you do everything you with excellence. I fell that whenever I get tired, I must push myself to be strong. I don’t ever want to be the weak link on this team, so it is very important to me to work hard all the time. Coach Stephen Giles has really worked with me and helped me improve on my jump shot. After practice, he takes the time to work with me. We shoot 150-300 jump shots after every practice. I fell that repetition is very important and allows me to improve on my shot every day.

Question from David Moran of Wilmington, Del.: I want to know you feel about this year’s Florida State team being a surprise team in the ACC.

I do feel that we will be the surprise team in the ACC this season. I feel that the surprise players on the team will be in the post. Nigel Dixon, David Anderson, Mike Joiner and Mike Mathews have been doing a great job in the post and we are expecting big things from all of them. They have all worked hard to become better. Also, one of the aspects we are going to emphasize is getting the ball down low.

Question from Jodie Owen of Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.: Describe your off-season condition programs and a typical day of practice during the season.

I knew this past summer was going to be very important for me as I approached my final year of college basketball. I ran with a strength coach, Sterling Brown, throughout the summer. We ran on the track here at Florida State and we worked daily on a number of different things. We ran different lengths and worked on agilities. I feel that it also helped me to train here in the heat of Tallahassee, Fla. My off-season conditioning program definitely has helped me become a better player.

Question from Jessica Jamie Rouse of Erlanger, Ken.: How can I become a better basketball player:

Practice, practice, practice. I fell that I made myself a better player by working hard in the gym as often as I could. I shot jump shot after jump shot every day. I made it a mix of 3-point shots, shots off the dribble and drives to the basket. You must also work on your ball handling, which is very important. Keeping in shape is also very important, so working out is a key. The better shape you are in the better player you will be.

Thanks for sending in your great questions. Watch for us on Nov. 17 against Florida and during the Thanksgiving holiday when we play in the Great Alaska Shootout on ESPN. Also, send in your questions for Nigel Dixon who will answer your questions next week.

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