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One-on-One With Danalee Corso

July 8, 2011

On her decision to come to Florida State

“I’ve been involved in sand volleyball for 20 years now and I did not realize that this type of position would be available so soon. So when this position came up my first thought having lived in Los Angeles for 20 years I was like there is no way I’m going to Florida. But as I thought about it more, and I was familiar with Florida State , but not that familiar, the more I researched it the more I realized that it was the absolute perfect place for me to be. The reason is because it’s an emerging sport and you never know what’s going to happen. We have 10 years for it to become a NCAA sport, we need 40 schools from across the country for it to do that. It’s looking like in two years we’re going to have that. It was important for me to be at a school that has a really strong athletics program. And as I researched (Florida) as a state the growth of junior sand volleyball is bigger in Florida than anywhere in the country I realized my ability to be successful at this school was much greater than anywhere in the country so my family and I decided to up and come here and everything so far; I’ve been here for two months now, and everything we thought it would be has been so far. The school’s treated us wonderfully and I’m just over the moon with the facilities and the resources that I have as a coach and I feel that they really treat the coaches and athletes as assets here. Everyday I love coming to work so far and I just can’t wait for my team to come together in September. It’s just been a whirlwind, not having offices or facilities. Right now I’m doing recruiting, I just finished 2011 recruiting and now I’m doing 2011 and 2012 recruiting at the same time. I’m learning all of the in’s and out’s of the NCAA and there really is just so much to do and it’s fun to be a part of something, we’re pioneering.”

On working with Chris Poole

“Working with Chris Poole is one of the major reasons I decided to come here. As I got to know him better I realized he was someone that I could learn so much from and I have so far. He’s so easy going to work with so the way it works at Florida State, he is the Director of Volleyball and I am the first independent head coach in the country (for sand volleyball) and the only one still so far, but I work under him as the director and that ensures that indoor volleyball and sand volleyball work together and not against one another because sometimes we could potentially be wanting the same athletes. So far it’s been wonderful, he’s been a head coach for 30 years and my experience comes from the professional and national team background so I have a lot to learn about NCAA rules and recruiting so I have learned a ton from him like the best way to get recruits and get strong recruits and great staff and all that so he’s just been a world of knowledge and I am just so grateful.”

On Sand Volleyball in Florida

“I really think (the state of) Florida is going to be the underdog that kind of rises to something really strong and I think that a lot of people might not really expect it and kind of assume that West Coast; and yes their players are really really good, but Penn State is the dominant indoor team and has been for the past few years and I think that Florida might come out as the underdog and come out strong. I think that the obvious, the weather the beaches here, we have tons of them. I think the difference right now between the East Coast and West Coast is that the West Coast sand players from juniors are all really strong indoor players, whereas the growth has been bigger in Florida than anywhere in the country for sand club volleyball and I think a lot of that has to do with it is easier to get programs started on the beach in Florida than it is on the West Coast so we definitely have a big amount of players. The level isn’t quite as high as the West Coast, but that is changing every month and every year as we have a bigger pool (of players) and more and more of the indoor girls who are really strong indoor are starting to experience sand and learn how to play in sand. The athlete is similar, but slightly different and I think potentially we have a lot of room for growth and it’s exciting to see it all happening. It’s really been just three or four years that the growth of sand volleyball in the juniors in Florida has really started to expand and I really think we’re going to see more of that. So Florida State has really been smart to be the first major school in Florida and really in the entire southeast that’s going to jump on board and will hopefully be known as the top sand school in Florida so that those recruits will end up coming here and we’re starting to see that early on and that’s what I hope for and I think it’s just going to keep getting better.”

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