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Out Of Bounds With Sophomore Guard Jason Rich

Oct. 22, 2005

Jason Rich earned All-ACC Freshman Team Honorable Mention honors by the ACC Area Sports Journal after a strong first season at Florida State. He displayed the talent and poise as a freshman which will make him a starter in the ACC during the remainder of his career and allow him to accept a leadership role for the Seminoles as a sophomore. He sat down with seminoles.com to talk about the upcoming season.

Seminoles.com: Hey, what’s up Jason? It looks like you got bigger, you been lifting?

JRich: Yes, I have actually been working really hard in the preseason on weight training and conditioning. To improve my upper and lower body we did a type of training that we do every preseason called metabolic weight training. This type of training mixes lifting and cardio workouts together. To give you an example, if I did an upper body lift, I would go sprint for 15 seconds on the treadmill and then jump off and go back to another upper body lift. We repeat this cycle 10 times.

Seminoles.com: I have heard you state before that your weakness was shooting beyond the arc. What have you been doing this off-season to turn that weakness into a strength?

JRich: That is something that I have focused on but it’s not the only thing I tried to improve this off-season. I understand the importance of repetition so I have tried to just shoot a whole lot. I have spent a lot of times shooting period…not just three-point range.

Seminoles.com: Your team has five newcomers. Give us a quick lowdown on each guy.

Casaan- He is capable of bringing high energy and enthusiasm to the court along with great athletic ability.
Uche- He brings his intelligence and patience to our team. He is a guy that I feel has the potential to contribute.
Jerel-He is a really good shooter and a guy that can knock-down shots. He can flat out shoot.
Tony-He brings experience and toughness to our squad.
Brian-He is also a good shooter and he is a guy that I feel can help in practice become a better team.

Seminoles.com: I hear you and Zeke (Isaiah Swann) represent men’s basketball on the Florida State Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC). That’s a huge honor so how do you feel about getting to be on the inside of FSU athletics?

JRich: I feel it is an honor to be selected and be a part of such an important council for Florida State athletics. That fact that our team selected us is a credit to Isaiah and me because it shows they respect us.

Seminoles.com: You and Florida State football wide receiver Greg Carr are close friends. What’s the story behind that relationship?

JRich: Greg and I met when I was a sophomore in high school. We played on the same AAU team, Nike Team Florida. Greg was a hard worker, outstanding athlete and just a generally humble guy. That is what I respect most about him. I knew before the season started that he would be a guy that could contribute to the football team because he is very disciplined. I am not a bit surprised how well he’s doing.

Seminoles.com: You have one of the best clothing styles of any person I have seen in a long time. How would you describe your “style” and what’s your favorite throwback jersey in your closet?

JRich: I take pride in the way I dress because that is the way my mother, Addie Rich, raised me. I like things ironed and neat. I like athletic and urban wear. Regardless, I know how to make anything work. I have about eight or nine throwbacks I really like. I’d have to say my Oscar Robertson Milwaukee Bucks jersey is my favorite is because I respect his game and he was a guy that was a complete athlete. That is something I would like to be.

Seminoles.com: You are one of nine kids and the son of a pastor. What’s the advantage and disadvantage of being the baby of the family?

JRich: The advantage of being the baby of the family is everyone spoils me and provides me with good advice. The disadvantage is no one listens to me because I am the youngest…they think I don’t know what I’m talking about. (laughs) Also, I’m the last to ever know anything.

Seminoles.com: You woke up and won $1 million dollars this morning. What are the first three things you buy?

JRich: I would buy my mother and myself a car. I have 12 nieces and nephews so I would take them toy shopping! I guess the last thing I would do is update the local Salvation Army in Pensacola, Fla., where I grew up playing hoops.

Seminoles.com: I hear you are a big fan of Kobe Bryant. What is it about him that you love so much?

JRich: The thing that I love most about Kobe is his competitive drive and his attitude. He feels like he can’t be stopped. When it’s game time he is always ready to play.

Seminoles.com: Tell me three personal things about you that not many people know.

JRich: I was born with 11 fingers and a small scar on my left pinky is the only evidence of the extra digit. I have about 60 plus pairs of shoes and I keep them all in the original boxes. My sister Gabrielle, the youngest girl in the family, is in the Navy and stationed in Virginia Beach, Va.

Seminoles.com: You are the head coach in a 5-on-5 tournament and get to pick any five players you want. Who do you choose?

JRich: Steve Nash (runs the show), Amare Stoudemire (BEAST), Kobe Bryant (my favorite player), Shaquille O’Neal (no explanation needed) and Ron Artest (defense).

Seminoles.com: If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you choose and why?

JRich: Slam. I have always wanted to be in there because that is one of the best basketball magazines.

By Tamara Matcalfe
FSU Sports Information
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