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Page 7 – FSU Athletics Annual Report

Page 7 – FSU Athletics Annual Report

Mission statement
The Mission of the Department of
Intercollegiate Athletics at Florida State
University shall be to produce National
Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
Division I programs for men and wom-
en that are characterized by excellence.
In addition, the Department strives to be recognized as a
campus leader in terms of its ethics, non-discrimination,
and unquestioned fiscal integrity.
Excellence in intercollegiate athletics programs is deter-
mined by academic achievement, the development of
character and maturity, and a sense of fair play in athletic
programs. It, moreover, engenders support for the Univer-
sity among its many constituent groups including students,
faculty, alumni, and friends at the local, state, and national
In striving to become a leader among our peers, the
Department subscribes fully to the philosophy and regula-
tions set forth by the NCAA and operates within the fiscal
regulations and non-discriminatory procedures established
by the Florida State University Board of Trustees and the
Florida Legislature.
It is the explicit philosophy of the Department that our
student-athletes will be strongly encouraged and support-
ed in their endeavors to progress toward a degree while
simultaneously participating in an intercollegiate athletic
program whose environment is consistent with the highest
standards of academic scholarship, sportsmanship, ethics,
and institutional loyalty.
Finally, the decisions and priorities of the Department
should always focus on our student-athletes first, as
individuals; second, as students; and third, as athletes.

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