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Paint’s Down, Practice On!

Aug. 3, 2011

Brandon Mellor
Brandon Mellor Senior Writer
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The waiting game can be long and harsh.

Typically starting in early January and mercifully concluding in early August, the college-football offseason is a long one. Sure, there’s national signing day and spring practice sprinkled in there. But in the end it’s just a tease.

 Nothing compares to the real thing.

Well, I am happy to officially report that the good stuff is back in town in Tallahassee.

How do I know this? The paint’s down.

The painting of the football practice fields serves as the final step that needs to be taken in the long journey back to the college football season. This year, that final step has a special meaning at FSU because it also signifies the conclusion of the Al Dunlap Practice Fields renovation project that began in March.

Three-thousand dump-truck runs later, the revamped fields are even and leveled-off for the first time in 40 years. There are now six goal posts and more lights. Among other new features, the necessary conduits required for the eventual construction of an indoor practice facility have been buried in the turf as well.

Here’s a few pictures of the fields on the morning of Aug. 3. Starting next week, there will be a bunch of Seminoles on that brand new Bermuda grass.

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