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Parking For Seminole Softball Fans With Physical Disabilities

Seminole softball fans with physical disabilities can access the Seminole
Softball Complex for regular season games in two ways. First, disabled
patrons can be dropped off at the main entrance located on the Connector
Road. This is not a parking area. Vehicles may pull in briefly to drop off
patrons with physical disabilities before proceeding on to seek a legal
parking space. Second, a shuttle service will be available from the Softball
parking lot for those patrons needing assistance. The shuttle will start
one hour before the game and will run until the end of the first inning. The
shuttle will be near the handicap parking spaces that are located behind the
Howser Stadium scoreboard. In the sixth inning of the final game the
shuttle service will be available at the softball stadium main entrance to
take patrons back to their cars. If assistance is needed outside of these
time periods, patrons are encouraged to contact any Athletics Department
staff for assistance.

Due to the difficulty in predicting FSU game start times during
multi-team tournaments, the parking lot shuttle service will not be on a
fixed schedule. Patrons needing assistance can request a pickup from the
ticket office staff member positioned at the rear entrance to the softball
complex and a cart will be dispatched as quickly as possible. Patrons with
physical disabilities are always permitted to be dropped off at the
Connector Road main entrance. As is the case during regular season games,
the shuttle service will be available at the softball stadium main entrance
starting in the sixth inning of all FSU games.

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