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Players’ Thoughts With Sarah Crawford

Oct. 20, 1999

Our journey began on Thursday afternoon around 2pm when our bus left the
soccer complex. Everyone seemed to be really excited about the 7-hour
bus ride to Clemson, SC. We could hardly contain ourselves. We took a
large travel squad so the bus was really full, along with all the snack
s and drinks our trainers had brought along for us.

FSU’s goalkeeper Sarah
Crawford conveys her
thoughts about the
road trip.

During the journey we watched “Girls just want to have fun.” I know
this for a fact as after the movie was over we continued to sing the
theme song. Coach Baker and Coach Ambrose just looked at each other,
laughed and shook their heads. We stopped right outside Atlanta at
Damons and had a very nice dinner. We got to the hotel around 10pm and
I was very excited, as one of my best friends that goes to Clemson was
there to meet us.

We stayed at the Martin Conference Center. It was very very nice. The
back of it overlooked a golf course that led to Lake Hartwell. In
addition, all of the rooms were like suites and we all got our own beds!
We went straight to bed, as we had to get up early for a light practice
that morning at Clemson. However, the next morning we were late
getting to the field as our bus would not start. Fortunately, we got a
couple of vans to pick us up.

The practice was light. We worked with Coach Ambrose while the field
players played a little possession game with Coach Baker. We finished
up with some shooting exercises then headed back to the hotel. We had
some downtime before our pre-game meal. Most of us studied or took a
nap. The day was so nice that a bunch of us studied outside by the
lake. Some girls had friends or family that came to the hotel to hang
out with them before the game. It was so nice to have that free time
before a game to relax and mentally prepare for the game. I think our
coaches managed to sneak in nine holes of golf on the course next to the
hotel to prepare themselves for the game!! Coincidence – I don’t know!

With the bus now seemingly fixed we headed off to Applebees for
pre-game. We had the option of a catered meal but we chose Applebees!
We all ate plenty and were starting to prepare for the game. Kick off
time was approaching fast so on returning to the hotel we dressed and
had a quick meeting and headed to the field.

The first half was great. We played very well and with a lot of energy.
At half time it was 0-0. However, the second half was not so great.
Clemson came out twice as hard and after a questionable call, they went
up 1-0 on a PK. We continued to play hard but couldn’t come up with a
goal. We ended up losing 4-0. After the game Coach Baker could not say
much other than that we had played hard and was proud to be our coach.
After a few minutes visit with our families outside the stadium, it was
back to the hotel and to bed.

The next morning, we piled onto the bus at around 7am. Still half
asleep, we were anxious to get home. We were on our way, but not for
long as the bus broke down about 30 miles south of Clemson. It was kind
of funny. We managed to pull off into a Cracker Barrel parking lot and
eat a great breakfast. While the bus driver was calling reinforcements
we had time to do a little shopping at a nearby Outlet shopping mall.
The shops were about 1 mile away. We must have looked strange, 25 of us
all walking along the road wearing the same warm-ups in the middle of no
where. We had about 30 minutes to shop before the other bus arrived,
which of course was definitely not enough time. However, most of us
seemed to be able to spend money! A lot of us went to the Nike store!

We finally arrived in Tallahassee at 4:30pm. Not that much later than
expected and a few bags of shopping heavier. It had been an interesting
and fun trip but we were home at last!

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