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Playing With Anaka Would Be Brummett’s Dream Final Round Partner

Nov. 1, 2004

Freshman Whitney Brummett (Eureka, Mo.), who finished in a career-best tied for fourth place in the individual standings at last week’s Lady Paladin Invitational, is the Seminoles’ leader in nearly every statistical category through the first three events of the fall season. She is Florida State’s leader in stokes average (75.67), rounds at par or better (three), rounds with scores at 75 or better (five), top-five finishes (one), top-20 finishes (two) and events as the Seminoles’ top golfer (two of three).

You’re in the final round of a major championship. Who do you hope to be paired with and why?
“Final round of a major championship; men’s I would hope to be paired with Sergio Garcia, just because he’s my favorite player. To be paired with Anaka would be awesome. It would be an honor to play with her and just see everything she can do. The great thing about being paired with Anaka would be that you would be pretty high on the leader board. You’re likely to be in that final group of a major championship, playing against Anaka. That would be pretty awesome.”

What do you hope to accomplish in your first year at FSU?
“In my first year here, golf wise, I want to get my scoring average down to 74 or below for the year. I also want to earn a couple more top ten finishes and improve every part of may game — especially on my short game and my putting. Hopefully, I can earn my way to being the number one or two player on the team.”

Asses your performance in the Lady Paladin Invitational.
“Last week’s tournament went pretty well. I had a few blips and blunders. There are things that I can definitely think of to get better. But definitely it was a good tournament overall and it was good for me to have a good finish. My strong finish helped me gain even more confidence playing at the collegiate level. I thought I had a few mess ups, but overall I played smart and when I got in trouble I didn’t try to go for too much. I tried to work my way out of trouble and knew that even if I made a bogie there’d be a birdie coming later on in the round.”

How will your experience in last week’s tournament help you in the ACC/SEC Challenge?
“I realized that if I was patient I would continue to improve my overall game. I realized that it’s not every round that I’m going to be able to go 18 holes without having a bad shot or making a bad score on a hole. I saw that if I stayed patient and I just believed that I could make every put I had on the green, everything was going to work out okay. That confidence is going to carry over into the ACC/SEC Challenge just knowing that I can go out there and I can shoot three really good, consistent rounds. Because until my last tournament I had had good rounds, one or two good rounds, but then I’d have that high round or a mediocre round. At the Lady Paladin tournament I was able to put together three pretty good rounds, solid rounds.

How did you mentally prepare yourself for the tournament?
“I just told myself to be patient. Really that was the big deal, patience; confidence in my game and knowing that I can come back. Also I’ve made a couple little deals with friends, not money or anything, that if I shot a certain score we’d do this or whatever. I think that also helped me, a little bit of motivation. It just made it a little more fun and I was just out there just playing a game and not stressing myself out.”

In what areas of your game do you feel improved in the past tournament, and what do you feel needs to be improved?
“Definitely my putting was really good this week in the Lady paladin. The best it’s been in any tournament. I’ve been working on it a lot on it, practicing it a lot because I know it needed to be improved. That was where I was losing a lot of strokes and not making a lot of birdies. I definitely made a lot of birdies this week. I had 10 birdies for the three days. That was pretty good I thought. There was still a lot out there I didn’t make and there are still a lot more chances I didn’t make but definitely better. Also my irons were really good I was sticking the pins and putting myself in the position to make those birdie putts. Confidence was a big part of the last tournament just telling myself that I was going to go out there and making the decision to just go out there and just do it. I really just want to work on my chipping and short game a lot. Just so when I do hit that bad iron shot and I don’t stick it close to the pin, I’m still going to be able get up and down and make a good score.”

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