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POST GAME QUOTES: Florida State 1 Illinois 0

Nov. 19, 2006

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Coach Mark Krikorian opening statement


“It was a heartfelt win today. I give Illinois all the credit in the world. They came in and battled us real hard. We’re fortunate to have gotten that goal in the first half.  I thought that our team defending was good for the most part we were organized and we did what we had to do to advance.  It wasn’t as artistic today as it has been in other games, but when you get to this point in the year it’s all about advancing and moving on. I give our group an awful lot of credit for being so mentally tough and hanging in there and finding a way to win the game.”


On the difference between the first and second half playing


“I think part of it is you’re ahead and you try to protect the lead some.  I think the wind was pretty strong today and I think it was a big advantage to whoever had it at their back.  I thought our collective defending was good and we limited the amount of big chances they had.”


What this win means for the program


“What I said when I came here is we want to develop a consistency in the program.  The foundation that Ali Mims and Kelly Rowland help to establish long before I arrived, now coupled with the addition of Katrin Schmidt and Kirsten van de Ven and the rest of the team I think we’re starting to develop that consistency.  We won’t be satisfied until we get back to the College Cup and get the chance to compete in the College Cup.  We’re thankful that we had a good day today. We found a way to get a result.  But now our focus completely turns to Clemson and we get ourselves prepared for that game.”


On the home field advantage


“I think it’s a fantastic advantage.  Most teams can’t come in here and compete as well.  I think every team in the country prefers to play at home.  So for us to be here and playing in front of our crowd on our beautiful field in beautiful Florida I think is a big advantage for us.  I think all of us feel comfortable here and we’re getting our fair share of good results.” 


Katrin Schmidt on the play in which Kelly Rowland scored the goal


“I saw Kelly making that run and she was asking for the ball and I tried to find her.  She’s a great header and she got on the end.  I saw her run and hit it into the goal.”


Coach Krikorian on Ali Mims stepping out of the box and risking an Illinois goal


“She did quite good coming out and saving us from some of those situations.  Of course it’s a risky situation but I think she came out and handled it well.  Katrin and the others did a great job of funneling in behind and limiting the exposure of the goal if that player had been able to get a better touch on the ball.”


Ali Mims reflects on Illinois‘ offense in the second half


“Well they needed to score so they were pressing us and pressuring us.  We had a coupled of miscues on our part, but as far as I’m concerned everything was under control.  I did what I had to do, everyone else did what they had to do to sacrifice themselves.  I didn’t have a save but we had a team save.  That shows you right there what this team is made of.  We help each other out and that’s what matters.”


Mims on Kirsten van de Ven’s team save at the end


“It was a free kick and I was thinking should I put people on the post or not.  Kirsten stepped up and took that initiative and took the post and knew that was something that needed to happen.  That was all her decision.  That’s what this team is able to do, we’re able to read each other and give that support where it needs to be.”



Kirsten van de Ven on whether she saw the ball in her save


“Yeah, but that’s why you have to do when you’re on the post, right?”



Krikorian on the advantage of having Eric Bell on his staff


“I think it’s an advantage every day I come into work having Eric Bell on our staff.  He certainly had a more intimate knowledge of the Illinois team.  When we prepare for our opponents, we’re pretty extensive at gathering research and knowing the personnel of our opponents.  But this was a little easier for us because he knew about 90% of their players pretty well.  At this level in these games you take advantage of whatever small, subtle advantage you can and we’re fortunate that Eric is here.”


Kelly Rowland on her goal


“Katrin served a great ball and I was able to get a handle on it.  It felt good that it went in and that we were able to hold it to 1-0.”


Rowland on what this win means for the team


“I think it speaks a lot about this program; where it’s going and where it’s been.  It’s another Elite Eight and another milestone to reach.  I think we’re happy to get another game in and get on the field again.  I think we’ll keep riding it as far as we can.”


Rowland on their experience in the Elite Eight


“I think having the International girls who have played at such high levels in their countries always helps.  The Elite Eight, we’ve been there before last year and played Carolina.  So hopefully we can just get out there and play as hard as we can and get the results that we want.”


Rowland on how she feels about having the fans supporting her and the team at these games


“I think it speaks a lot about the support we have here at Florida State from the administration to all the fans.  Obviously it’s a huge boost playing in front of our fans.  I love it, I love seeing the student support and all of our parents.  The weather helps a bit too, I love it.”


Krikorian on Katrin Schmidt’s contributions


“I tell her almost every day that she’s the best left back in the country.  She’s a fantastic defender and attacker and we’re fortunate to have her here.  She came in as an attacking midfield player and was open-minded to doing what it took to help our team a year ago.  She’s just developed, developed, developed and don’t be surprised to see her playing for the German women’s team one day.”





Illinois Head Coach Janet Rayfield opening statement


“First of all, congratulations to Florida State.  I think like we have throughout this tournament, saw a terrific women’s college soccer match.  I said before the game started that I thought this would be decided by the team that could finish the chances that they got.  I felt both teams didn’t get a lot of chances until it was, as predicted the team that was able to capitalize on an opportunity was the victor today.  I’m really proud of my team and the way they battled and I thought they came back in the second half today and settled down a little bit and played a little more with confidence.  They gave Florida State all they could handle.  I think both teams are talented and that’s what happens when you get to the Sweet Sixteen, you have some talented soccer going on.  Florida State capitalized on their chances and credit to them.  Our goal was to limit them to under 10 shots and we did that but it wasn’t enough on the day.  Congratulations to them and we wish them the best of luck as they go forward.”


Coach Rayfield on FSU’s Schmidt


Florida State has a lot of attacking weapons.  The thing that makes Schmidt dangerous is getting the ball to India Trotter and Selin Kuralay.  I think we knew we were going to have to defend collectively together because of the talent they have top to bottom.  It was a battle of teams that both have weapons.  Katrin is a great player as is everyone who was on the field today.  They all looked like Division I soccer players and she’s no different.  She’s dangerous with that left foot and because she has so many people to serve to.  You just saw two teams today with a lot of weapons.  It’s tough to prepare for Florida State and look at one particular player, you have to look at them as a team.”



Paula Faherty on staying focused and organized defensively


“We worked on it a lot throughout the week and defending as a unit and staying together.  I thought it helped us a lot.  We knew they had great weapons and if we tried to defend them individually it would be a game we didn’t want to see or deal with. So we had to defend them together.”

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