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Postcards From Indianapolis — Women’s Golf At The NCAA Championships

May 17, 2003

The Florida State women’s golf team began its journey to a national championship Saturday as the team left the links of Tallahassee for the great Midwest and the Birck Boilermaker Golf Course at Purdue University where it will compete against 23 other teams for the right to wear the national championship crown.

Competition begins Tuesday in the 72-hole event in West Lafayette, Ind. Each of the five Seminoles will stop by every day to chat about their experiences during the week and bring their experiences to life on

Alison Curdt
The first day of my Nationals experience has come to an end. Despite a long day of traveling the girls and I were able to still put a little humor into our journey. Carrie, Katie and I wanted to take a turn in the peddle boats that could be rented outside of the NCAA Hall of Fame. Purdue’s team was already using them, so we ran to catch up with them and asked if we could hop into the back. We ended up taking their boats after they jumped out and we peddled our little hearts out. Much to our dismay, this fun soon ended. Little did we know that peddling upstream becomes tiresome very fast. To top off our experience, we wanted to peddle through the fountain to get a little taste of Indianapolis moat water. By then, our legs were as tired as they are after one of Brian’s (our trainer) bike routines! We didn’t get wet, but had a lot of laughs, plus a great leg workout!

Caroline Larsson
After a long day here in Indianapolis, Kris and I were the first ones to get the opening banquet. Hungry as we were, we chose the table closest to the food. To our surprise, we ended up as the last table getting food. However, something good did come out of it. As we sat there and waited for our turn, a Swedish friend of my, Karin Sjodin, walked in! She and her teammates from Oklahoma State picked the table next to us, so I was able to talk some Swedish before it finally was our turn to eat.

Katie Quinney
Today we arrived in Indianapolis and went to the NCAA Hall of Fame. It was fun and inspirational seeing all of the stories and great athletes from the past and present. We spent most of the afternoon around the Hall of Fame and then we went to dinner outside the NCAA headquarters for the opening ceremonies. All of the participating teams were there and it was a lot of fun seeing all of our friends that we do not get to see very often.

Carrie Sordel
Our flight out of Tallahassee was delayed because of engine problems. We ended up having five minutes to get off our plane and on to our connecting flight once we arrived in Atlanta. Luckily the airline held the plane for the seven of us in our traveling party. When we got to our seats we found the whole Gator golf team waiting for us to board. It was great having them wait for us!

Kristin Tamulis
Have you ever been so hungry that you felt like chewing off the inside of your cheek just to receive some nourishment? Well, after waking at five o’clock eastern standard time and waiting in Tallahassee to eat in the Atlanta Hartsfield airport, then to race through the concourse to meet our awaiting airplane to Indianapolis, then to wait for the Delta “Fast Break” service that we all know only includes water, coffee or orange juice, then to not only wait for our luggage that was of course the last off the conveyor belt, but then we waited for the van to come and load up to take us to an eatery, not just around the corner, but fifteen miles down the road, and then we have a slloooowww waiter. That was our morning; and it was 11 a.m. central time before I could stop eating my withering body and move on to some tastier things!!!!!!

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