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POSTGAME QUOTES: Florida State 3 California 1

Nov. 12, 2006

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FSU Post Game Quotes


FSU Head Coach Mark Krikorian Opening Statement


Selin Kuralay on her goal:

“If we can play better than we did in the first half, I’d been surprised. I thought in the first half we were absolutely fantastic. The attacking was great, the defending was crisp and solid and I thought it was a heck of a performance. Whatever it was I said to them at halftime, I’ll have to get rid of that halftime speech. It didn’t work too well.  I thought we came off slow and sluggish and we let Cal back into the game. Credit to Cal for the work and the pushing and getting themselves back into the game.  Overall it’s nice to move on to the round of 16. We’re looking forward to next weekend’s game.”


Coach Krikorian on whether Kuralay’s goal ignited an early outburst…

“Yeah, I thought we came out very fast and hard.  We were determined from the start and obviously that was good goal for us to start the game.”


Coach Krikorian’s thoughts on the possibility of hosting….

“It will be nice if we get to that point, but we have to focus and make sure we take care of business next weekend.  My focus is always the next game.  We will do our best to turn all of our attention to whoever our opponent is and give them the respect they are due. We do our best to prepare our group and give ourselves every opportunity to win.  If we are fortunate enough next weekend to come away with another win then we have the opportunity to play at home again and we’ll be thankful for that opportunity.  We’ve had a lot of success on this field and our team is very comfortable here so it’d be great to continue here.”


Ali Mims on how advantageous the wind was in the game?

 “I think in the first half we played exceptionally well and I don’t know if the wind had much to do with it.  In the second half I think we just weren’t as sharp and it just happened that Cal had the wind, but I don’t really see much of a correlation there.”


Coach Krikorian on scoring

“We talk often about creating chances. Good players when they get enough chances are going to finish their chances. Throughout the balance of the season we’ve had a lot of chances. Some games the ball has been bouncing around the penalty box, we have a free shot and hit the ball right at the goalkeeper or right at the post or off a defender. Sometimes that’s a little bit of momentum and we are trying to stay on the same path of wanting to create those chances.”


Libby Gianeskis on the second half

“Like Ali said, I don’t think we came out as sharp and that put us into some sticky situations.  But we fought through it and only allowed one goal.  So we kept fighting to keep the score 3 to 1 and come out of it with a win.”


Coach Krikorian’s remarks on Libby’s statement

“I felt our group showed some character and kind of played uphill in the second half.  After we gave an early goal, sometimes you can let that really put you down, but they fought hard and fought tough.  I’m not sure we always played the smartest ball that we could have to break their pressure, but it is a good sign of character that they can stay in there and defend and do what they had to do.  Cal came out with a lot of energy and did a great job in the second half.”


Ali Mims on the corner kick that scored for Cal

“After it went over my head I have no idea what happened to it.  I tried to go up for it and I thought I could time it well, it kind of got caught up in the wind a little bit.  I know Cal‘s strategy as far as how they want to offensively do corner kicks and there was a lot of traffic in there.  I tried to get a hand on it but once it went over my head I miss judged it and I really have no idea what happened.”



Cal Post Game Quotes


Cal Head Coach Kevin Boyd opening statement

“It was a tale of two halves.  We just started off the game very tight and nervous and I’m not sure why.  We haven’t looked like that all year, for some reason we just started out a bit nervous.  The second half we settled that and came out playing our game in the second half.  I think it would have been an interesting game to see our second half versus their first half and see 90 minutes of that; that would have been a little better.  But I’m very proud of my team, we’ve tackled a lot of adversity this year.  We ended our season in an incredible way with reeling off a number of wins against top national opponents. Then coming out here and getting to the second round playing a very good Florida State team. I’m very proud of the way the team has played and of their character all the way through.”


Coach Boyd on what he saw as he prepared for Florida State

“They have a number of very talented players, a number of special players. We talked about Selin Kuralay’s shot she has from midfield, it’s an incredibly dangerous and a great shot she has. No one’s ever going to save that ball. We should have been tighter on her, we didn’t close that ball and our clear was right into the middle to her so we kind of helped her a little on it. But what a great shot.  That was one of the things we addressed. We were concerned with India Trotter’s pace, her running behind us and her ability to run at us and obviously that second goal came out of her running behind us. So a lot of the things we discussed and addressed we didn’t quite sort out.  But they do have some special traits and they’re great players and there’s a reason for it and both of them showed it at a key moment.  It took us a little while to get all of the game sorted out and ready to go and I think once we did that we contained them ok. But those were two very specific things we were worried about. I also think Florida State is excellent in corner kick situations, they attack the ball very well and that’s very dangerous. Obviously they’ve done well with that all year.”


Katie Ratican on her corner kick goal

“We’ve always been dangerous on corner kicks and primarily myself and a few other players have been taking them this year and we know exactly where we need to hit the ball.  The win was just wicked today and the wind just took it and it kind of went in on its own.  That’s kind of where I was going anyways and our players were supposed to be there so if it hadn’t gone in on its own I know someone would have been there for it.”


Coach Boyd on the wind’s effect on the game

“Of all the elements I think the wind is the most difficult to deal with.  When you’re going into the wind the ball just won’t go anywhere and it’s frustrating, you have to keep it down to try to move it.  When you’ve got the wind with you, you can play balls behind the other team pretty easily.  The wind is always a factor.  How big was it in this game?  I don’t think it was a gale by any means but I think it was more of a factor on the serving situation rather than the flow of the game.”


Alivia Mazura on the difference in the second half

“I think it was flat-out energy and effort. We came out a lot more confident in the second half.  In the first half it’s not how you want to play these big games, unfortunately we can’t take it back. I thought it was good that we came back and really dominated the second half and gave them a run for their money.  It feels good to have picked it up but I really think it was just a lack of effort and energy and confidence in ourselves.  We unfortunately found the second half too late.”

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