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Postgame Quotes: Florida State vs. Texas Tech

Nov. 16, 2012

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NCAA Tournament – Second Round
Florida State vs. Texas Tech
Tallahassee, Fla. – Nov. 16, 2012

Florida State Head Coach Mark Krikorian

Opening Statement
“I thought it hard fought game tonight. Texas Tech came in and competed favorably and our kids did as well – some pretty good attacking and Tiffany (McCarty) created a great goal for us at the end and to be an All-American, that’s what it takes.”

On Marta Bakowska-Mathews’ goal:
“Boy what a nice goal – well-timed. We talked a lot with our players that aren’t in the first 11 – we don’t have bad players at Florida State. Everyone here is a good player. Different players will be called upon at different times and different roles. I thought that all the kids on the bench contributed well tonight and obviously, Marta’s goal was a big goal for us.”

On Tiffany McCarty’s play:
“Tiffany takes a lot of responsibility for our results and obviously Kelsey in the back and it’s a pretty good pair. I thought that Tiffany’s quality showed around the box tonight.”

On staying patient throughout the game:
“That was the message we kept giving them at halftime and going into the overtime. ‘Patience, Patience and it will come.’ Be deliberate in the way we play and we didn’t show our emotion a whole lot. We wanted to use our skill and crafts and at the end of the day it worked out well for us.”

Senior Forward Tiffany McCarty

On advancing into the Sweet 16
“I’m just happy to move on to the next game. I’m a senior, so it flashes before your eyes. Kinda took a deep breath and I’m glad we’re on to the next round.”

On the missed scoring opportunities:
“When you get to the end of the season, every chance counts. I think we had a lot of opportunities and we were fortunate to put three of those in, but we’re moving on and that’s what matters.”

Junior Goal Keeper Kelsey Wys:

On being tied at half:
“It gives us a little extra confidence to go in there. Once they scored that first goal I saw everyone on my team get a little fire in their bellies and I knew that I had the confidence I my team to pull through.”

On the attacking of Texas Tech:
“They definitely had a different style of attacking. They had a lot of balls over the top and random balls and we talked about that before the game and at half time. I think just staying organized on the back line and me communicating to them and with them communicating with each other and being on the same page was helpful.”

Texas Tech Head Coach Tom Stone:

Opening Statement:
“First of all we’d like to congratulate Florida State. They are the ACC Champions. They’re a classy team. They play a great brand of soccer, and we wish them the best as they move on through the tournament. As far as our team goes, I could not be more proud of our effort all year. This team set standards and records, everything from our fitness and weight training records, all the way to wins and wins at home, winning games in the Big 12 tournament, hosting an NCAA game, winning a NCAA game. And then what I thought was one of the two, three best teams in the country, going toe to toe and being right there six minutes away from penalties. Their effort was extraordinary. The thing that we knew on the sideline is that all year we have scored goals in the last three minutes to put games into overtime, to win games, to tie games. It was great to see we could do it on such a big stage tonight.”

On the pace of last 15 minutes of game…
Yeah, it got pretty wide open once that many minutes had been logged and teams fatigued a little bit. I thought our fitness was great and I think their’s was obviously good too, but the game did open up. And they kind of passed their way through, and we picked off a few of them and went the other way and had a little bit more of a slicing approach to it, trying to get it to Janine and Dawn. Jae had a great run up the field that got us a great opportunity as well. You know overtime is one of those games where you want to be smart and conservative. You don’t want to give up the goal, but at the same time you are trying to win the game. So players are making decisions in two mindsets. Nobody was holding on for PKs. Both teams were trying to win and I think fans, coaches and players appreciate that.

On Texas Tech’s overall play:
“I think if we come in here and get blown out by the ACC Champions, it means we did well enough to get in, but we have an enormous amount of work to do. Now we still feel we have a lot work to do, but I think once the pain subsides, we’ll reflect on this as a pretty good measuring stick. I don’t know if there are many teams better than Florida State, obviously we played really well. So it gives us great confidence going forward that we are on the right track and that over time we can continue to improve the team we have through recruiting and developing these players. I mean, I think Jae is one of the best left backs in the country, and Janine is easily one of the best freshmen in college soccer. So we’ve got some great young players and it gives us confidence. I think for the first 20 minutes our players were like, “Ok, we can do this. This team is good that we’re playing, but we’re not going to get outclassed here tonight.” And I think that was great because confidence, character, resilience, and all these things are many times a product of experience. And this was a first time experience for them under the bright lights of an away game in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. It points to growth and it points to the fact that we belong here and in this game.”

Sophomore defender Jaelene Hinkle:

On what this season meant to her:
” I think this season meant a lot for us, especially since it was our first go at the NCAA Tournament. We were playing all season for our seniors in particular. I mean, this was the year that we finally got into the tournament, so it was a big year for us. Even starting from the spring to when the freshman came in the summer, we were just going as hard as we could, especially in training. I think that out of all the seasons we’ve had, this is by far the best one, and we wanted to do everything that we could.”

On if tonight’s defense was comparable to their defense all year
“You know, most teams we play don’t pass the ball as well as Florida State. So that was more of a byproduct of the way they play. We did try to keep the game fairly compact. I think there was a little bit different there than what you would have seen. Our conference is a little more pressing, and we’re a good passing team too. But when Florida State gets the ball they go sideways quite a bit. So if you want to run yourselves ragged, you’re welcome to do that. But we chose to just say, “Alright, can go sideways.” We didn’t want them to go vertical. Which I think, back to your point, that’s where overtime got dicey because both teams were able to get more vertical. And that was the final straw, I guess, that got us.”

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