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Power Clean

Power Clean

The power clean is the same movement as the clean pull, but with the Scoop added.

  • Starting Position
    – feet shoulder width, toes slightly pointed outward
    – arms straight, just outside legs, knees bent
    – chest is tall, back is flat
    – the bar rests on the ground touching the shins

  • Primary Pull (to top of the knees)
    – center of gravity remains over the heels
    – maintain a tight, flat back throughout the lift
    – the angle of the torso and hips should not get smaller as the bar raises
    – elbows are still fully extended and turned outward

  • Pulling Motion (Secondary Pull – accelerate and explode)
    – center of gravity moves from the heels to the balls of the feet
    – finishing with an aggressive extension of the ankles, and shrug of the shoulders
    – elbows remain fully extended and turned outward
    – this movement should feel like a resisted vertical jump

  • Scoop
    – after aggressive ankle extension and shrug, elbows bend pulling the lifter under
    the bar to the point the elbows can roll underneath the bar, allowing it to rest on
    the deltoids

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