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Pre-game Quotes

March 17, 2001

FSU Head Coach Sue Semrau
(opening) “We’re excited to be here. We’re playing a great team in Iowa State. Bill Fennelly has done a wonderful job. We are looking forward to the challenge.”

(on foul trouble) “You can try to go at people. Sometimes it doesn’t go your way. At the same time, it’s equally important for us not to get into foul trouble. We picked up some quick fouls last night.”

(on ISU) “They are a lot like some ACC schools, using a four-guard lineup. (Tracy) Gahan is more of a perimeter threat in that set. They have tremendous scoring ability, both on the perimeter and in the interior. They have a good transition game. I’m confident in our post mobility to get up and down the floor with (Angie) Welle. If I got the ball from teammates like she did last night, I’d be sure to get up the court quickly, too.”

(on the crowd) “The crowd size is nothing new for the coaching staff. We played in front of those size crowds at Wisconsin. It’s a fantastic environment.”

(on preparation time) “The prep time in the NCAA Tournament is so much different than the regular season. You see the same teams, night in and night out, for three months in the conference. When you get to the tournament, there’s so little prep time. That’s what makes the game fun. It all comes down to the players, and the excitement level is so high.”

(on FSU’s mentality) “I look at our players, and they’re pretty even-keeled. I sometimes wonder if that’s for real. But that’s the strength of our team – the chemistry and the way they communicate.”

FSU Forward Brooke Wyckoff
(on ISU) “They have a great outside threat, and a great inside threat with Welle. That’s a big challenge for us. I think we can defend that well. Welle is also a great defender. They’re a good transition team. We’ll have to concentrate on our inside game and also getting back in transition.”

(on the NCAA Tournament) “Every team feels a sense of urgency. Lose one game, and you’re done. I think the seniors feel that urgency a little more.”

(on Bill Fennelly) “I remember him from AAU ball. He recruited me to Iowa State. I remember all the letters. He’s a great coach, and it’s going to be a fun game.”

FSU Guard April Traylor
(on her injury) “It’s just a bruise from falling into the table last night. Bruises look uglier than they really are sometimes.”

(on the victory at Duke) “We had nothing to lose in that game, and everything to gain. We played that way and left everything out on the floor.”

(on the crowd) “I think both North Carolina State and Duke prepared us for the crowd. Cameron was a good prep, with the fans right down on the floor. I like games with a huge crowd more than games with a small crowd. Playing in front of a small crowd makes you more lackadaisical. The fans are quieter. The large crowd, even if they’re cheering against you, still get you pumped up and ready to play.”

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