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Program Q&A: Ama Degbeon

Throughout the 2014-15 season, the FSU Women’s Basketball game programs will feature a Q&A with each Seminole student-athlete. The fifth game program against Savannah State on Friday, Dec. 19, features freshman center Ama Degbeon.

What went through the whole process of you making a life-changing decision to attend FSU and leave Germany?
It was exciting. My last year I had a lot of things to do, I played on two teams, had to finish high school and graduate and everything went by so fast. I talked to Florida State and came here and was able to sign right away. I was trying to get this all done and focus on school. My visit here was really cool and I had no idea what it would be like to come from Germany and visit schools here.

Do you find any differences in the way basketball is played in Germany compared to the United States?
Here it’s faster and you have to have a lot more strength. The shot clock here is different being 30 seconds and we have 24 back home, but it still feels like it’s a faster game here even though the shot clock is more. I like that there isn’t that big of an age difference here, where in Germany if you play higher you play with people that are 27 or 28. It’s cool to play against people your age – that’s what I really like about college.

You are looked at as someone who gives FSU some great potential. Talk about your style of play and the type of player you are.
I’m always running. There’s no reason not to run. I think I’m easy to coach so if the coaches tell me to do something I will do it. I like running, sprinting, defending, playing both defense and offense. I’ve had to learn a lot of things about being a strong rebounder here but rebounding is usually my strength.

What plans do you have for the holidays? Will you be able to get back home to Germany?
No. I will be staying here but my mom and brother are coming and they will be staying for about a week. They are going to come to our game on the 29th (against Jacksonville) and fly back the day after.

If someone was interested in traveling to Germany, what would you tell him/her about your country? What’s it like?
They should definitely go to Berlin, it is very multi-cultural and there’s a lot to see. There’s other places too. The city where I am from, Heidelberg, is really pretty. It has old castles and is an old city. They have a lot of tourism there.

What are some of the differences in culture you notice in the United States compared to Germany?
The music is different here. There’s a lot of songs on the radio I’ve never heard of. There’s also a lot more fast food here than in Germany or Europe in general. I feel like the lifestyles are different too, the people are different.

If you had to be stuck in a TV show for a month, what show would you pick and why?
Grey’s Anatomy. I may want to study medicine. I really like Grey’s Anatomy. I’m sure real medicine isn’t quite like that but if I could choose I would be in that show because there’s a lot of cool stuff that goes on.

If you won $5 million, what are some of the first things you would buy?
I feel like I need a car here. It’s different from Germany in that public transportation is not that big here in Tallahassee. I would ask my family what they want because $5 million is a lot. Maybe I would get the iPhone 6 too, why not?

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