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Program Q&A: Leticia Romero

Throughout the 2014-15 season, the FSU Women’s Basketball game programs will feature a Q&A with each Seminole student-athlete. The first game program against UAB on Friday, Nov. 14, features sophomore guard Leticia Romero.

1. How has the transition been from Spain to the United States?

A: “I think in the beginning it was hard because of the language, it was a struggle. I knew a little bit, but I wasn’t able to actually speak that much and understand, because I wasn’t used to the American accent. It took me some time to figure out, especially in practices when everything is quick, you have to be ready for it. I was lost at first, but I got a lot of help, and I think I’m already adapted.”

2. What made you choose Florida State?

A: “I knew Florida State before, from the last year because they were recruiting me. I visited here, and I really liked it. I always thought about Florida State. I just came, visited again, and I loved it. I knew the coaches, I knew Brooke (Wyckoff). It was all familiar to me, so that was what made me choose Florida State.”

3. Spanish star Leo Rodriguez was a very successful player for the Seminoles. Did her success make you want to come here?

A: “Yes. She played on my team before she came to the States, so I knew her. I talked to her a lot before coming. Actually, this summer she was my teammate on the national team, so we talked a lot about Florida State. I knew she was really happy and really taken care of.”

4. What are your goals for the season?

A: “I think this season is going to be a learning year for me. You know, when you are playing you don’t always have the time to improve. You have to prepare for the games, you have to do whatever it takes to win the game. Since I’m not going to be playing, I want to first help my team as much as I can, on the court, off the court, whatever it takes. For me, I want to keep learning, and improve my left hand, which is something I need to improve.”

5. Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

A: “Not really, I’ve never had that kind of thing. The only thing I do is keep myself away from my phone as much as I can when it’s game day, especially like three, four hours before the game. I don’t like to be texting. Just to be focused.”

6. What is your favorite memory of playing basketball?

A: “I have a lot of them, but yeah I think the most special memories have been with the national team. I have a really good one, when we went to the U17 World Championship with Spain’s National Team. We got the silver medal. We played the final against the United States, we lost the game by 11 points I think. It was a really nice experience. You get to play with the best players your age in the world, so that was neat for me.”

7. What do you do on your days off?

A: “I like going to the beach, because I am from the Canary Islands. I like to play any sports. I kind of like it when we go to the beach to play sand volleyball, soccer. I did play soccer when I was little, just one year. But I like it, it’s the big thing in Spain, so you have to.”

8. How did you start playing basketball?

A: “I was on the soccer team of my town, and they didn’t have a girl’s team for soccer. I didn’t want to do soccer anymore. My parents were like, there’s a team that has girl’s and boy’s teams, it’s a basketball team, you should try, whatever. I didn’t really like basketball at that point. I tried it, and actually liked it that much that I stayed. I was nine years old.”

9. What is your favorite part of playing point guard?

A: “I like that you are like the brain of the team, you have a lot of responsibility. It’s not like you just have to do it right, and pass the ball right and shoot it right. You have to control the tempo, you have to keep everybody focused on their game, move people. You know, if the team is not doing well, it’s kind of your fault. I like that responsibility to just run the team. I like to think a lot during the game.”

-Q&A written by FSU Sports Information intern Billy Clark

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