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Program Q&A: Maegan Conwright

Throughout the 2014-15 season, the FSU Women’s Basketball game programs will feature a Q&A with each Seminole student-athlete. The third game program against Florida on Sunday, Dec. 7, features redshirt senior point guard Maegan Conwright.

We’re very early into the season, but what about this FSU teams makes you think it can go far this year?
I like our willingness to continue getting better. We know that we’re a good team, but we want to be a great team. So everyday in practice and watching film, we’re always asking ‘How can we get better?’

You’ve taken on a lot of roles so far – distributor, scorer, etc. You’ve been one of the primary scorers so far for FSU. Does that surprise you?
Not really. I knew I was going to be a leader because I’m a fifth-year senior and one of the more knowledgeable ones on the court. My focus was more on defense, but defense produces offense and I think that’s where a lot of my offense can come from.

Are you a point guard by nature, or is this a position you’ve become adjusted to?
I believe I’m more of a 2 or 3, but I can play the 1. I’ve never been a point guard before. I’ve always been the sub for a point guard so they could get a break then come back in. I’m always in film watching and learning and trying to be a great point guard for this team.

Part of being a good point guard is what you’ve done so far, which is keep the turnovers low. Where does that ability come from?
I feel like it’s more of a fifth-year senior thing, an experience thing. After playing for so long and watching the game at the collegiate level for so long, you know when to slow down and when to speed up, when to take your time and not force things and value possessions. I think being as experienced as I am, it helps keeping the turnovers low.

What is Maegan Conwright like off the court?
I can’t live without music – old skool, nu skool, pop, hip-hop, rap, I listen to all of it. I’m a big Netflix watcher. I’m an IT (information technology) major and one thing I like to do is I have this camcorder I like to use around here with my teammates and coaches and make home videos – it’s a hobby of mine.

If a Genie granted you three wishes,  what would those wishes be?
I would wish to read people’s minds, wish for another year to play and I would wish to have my house paid off.

If you could go backward or forward in time and be any age for one month, what would that be?
I would go back to 17 years old and my freshman year in college.

If you could be one living person for a day, who would you choose?
Beyonce. Because she runs the world (GIRLS!!!).* I feel like she is in the eyes of everybody but not as much. She keeps to herself so not many people know what she’s doing and people can’t gather their opinions of her. She’s a perfect celebrity where people can’t think negatively of her.

*Maegan did not say this part of the quote. It was simply added in to add a rhythmic effect to her response

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