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Program Q&A: Shakayla Thomas

Throughout the 2014-15 season, the FSU Women’s Basketball game programs will feature a Q&A with each Seminole student-athlete. The fourth game program against UNF on Tuesday, Dec. 16, features freshman forward Shakayla Thomas.

What made you want to come to Florida State?
Florida State is a family school and I’m a family person. I want to be around my family all the time. To go to a college that is more like a family, it’s an A+. Coach Sue treats me like her own.

Coach Sue had recruited you for quite some time. What was that like creating a good bond with her over the years?
Being in eighth grade, I wasn’t expecting too much from coach. I just thought she would be recruiting me and then when I get to FSU all that would change. But we created a real good bond and I knew that’s who I wanted to play for.

Through your first four months or so at FSU, what’s it been like?
It’s been crazy. I’ve gotten a lot of different experiences under my belt – class-wise and being at a university. It’s been a big transition from high school. I’m not used to all the fans Florida State has. I’m enjoying it.

You’re in kind of an unfamiliar role in being that spark off the bench. How have you adjusted to that?
I’ve never come off the bench until this season. This is something new but I enjoy new challenges. It’s a great feeling to contribute to the team.

You’ve already hit your first big shot when you made the go-ahead floater against Purdue with 24 seconds left in overtime on Dec. 3. What was that feeling like?
Considering it wasn’t a great game for me, it was one of those speechless type of feelings. I didn’t have a great game and I wasn’t scoring as much. That particular shot, it was exciting for me. In AAU I had a couple game-winners against teams we’ve never beat before.

Your teammates have raved about your dance skills. How did you become such a good dancer?
It comes from my family. We’re a bunch of clowns and we like to play around. But I was playing around one time and they were like ‘Oh you can actually dance.’ I’ll look at some people dance, take what they got and put it with what I got, and create something.

If you could pick any single superpower to have, what would it be?
I want to read people’s minds, because you never know how people think about you. First impression, if you come up to someone all happy and they think you’re too clean, then I know what you just said.

If you could have any job in the world, what would you pick?
I want to own a big shoe store because I like shoes. Athletic shoes, designer shoes, it doesn’t matter. Just shoes.

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