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Putting The Ball In Play With Junior Forward Orenn Fells

Nov. 8, 2002

Orenn Fells is a walk-on member of the Florida State men’s basketball team who joins the Seminole program after a year at Auburn University (2000-01) and Abraham Baldwin Junior College (2001-02). He adds depth to the forward position and will challenge for playing time during the entire season. Fells can play both forward spots and could become a very versatile player. He sat down with and talked about what he has to work on to earn playing time, why he chose Florida State to continue his academic and athletic career and what his goals are for the upcoming season.

Entering Your First Season As A Member Of The Florida State Men’s Basketball Team, What Are You Most Excited About?
“Entering my first season as a member of the Florida State men’s basketball program, I am very excited about helping build a winning tradition for Seminole basketball. I am also excited about playing the Atlantic Coast Conference, which is the best basketball conference in the country. It is exciting to be part of coach Hamilton’s first team at Florida State. I look at my being a member of the team as a great opportunity to help start something great here for the basketball team. When my career is finished, I will be able to look back at the team and feel that I helped it improve.”

How Has Coach Hamilton And The Coaching Staff Help You Improve Your Game?
“Coach Hamilton and his staff have helped me improve my game tremendously since my arrival at Florida State in August. They have helped me improve on all aspects of my defense which is a very important part of coach Hamilton’s philosophy. Some of the things I have learned to do better are boxing out under the boards, rebounding and working hard on help defense.”

What Is The One Thing You Are Working On The Hardest During The Preseason To Earn Playing Time This Season?
“The main thing I am working on during the preseason in order to earn more playing time is learning the proper way to play defense. Playing defense is a cornerstone of our system here at Florida State and for me to earn playing time, I have to improve on my defensive abilities.”

What Were Some Of The Things That Helped You Choose Florida State To Continue Your Academic Career and Play Basketball?
“Deciding to continue my academic and athletic career here at Florida State was a very easy decision for me. Some of the things that went into my decision to attend Florida State were that it is a great academic institution, I like the city of Tallahassee, it is located in the great state of Florida and I wanted to play in the ACC. When I came to look at Florida State and meet the coaching staff, I immediately felt it was a place I could be comfortable and be successful at during my career. Coach Hamilton and his coaching staff made deciding to come to Florida State an easy choice.”

What Do You Like Most About Being At Florida State As A New Student And A New Student-Athlete?
“The things I like most about being at Florida State are the friends that I have met and the teammates I am able to play with as a member of the Seminole men’s basketball team. It has been very easy during the first couple of months of my career here to build what I feel are going to be lasting relationships. I am also very comfortable with the system that is in place to help us succeed as both students and athletes here at Florida State.”

Your Athleticism Seems To Come Naturally. What Do You Do To Mentally Prepare For A Game?
“To prepare for a game mentally, I usually reflect on my own thoughts quietly as game time approaches. I have learned that envisioning myself making plays on the court during the game allows me to prepare to play a game. I like to envision myself being in certain situations that I may be thrust into during any given game. I also like to listen some music which might include Jay-Z or the Notorious BIG.”

What Would You Say Is The Best Aspect Of Your Game Is And Why?
“Defensively, I would have to say the best aspect of my game is that I feel I am a pretty good shot blocker. I feel that I have pretty good timing when it comes to getting in the air at the right time and getting to the ball when the shooter releases it on the shot. Offensively, I feel that I am pretty good at getting out in transition and making plays near the basket.”

What Is One Word You Would Use To Describe Yourself and Why?
“I would describe myself as down-to-earth. I like to enjoy myself when I am spending time with my friends and teammates and I like to have a good time. I think when people see me they immediately notice I have a smile on my face.”

What Are Your Main Goals For The 2002-2003 Season?
“My main goal for the upcoming season is to do something to improve my game every day. If I can find a way to improve on a daily basis, I will become a better player along with my teammates and we will become a better team in the process.”

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