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Putting The Ball In The Hands Of Men’s Basketball Guard Todd Galloway

Oct. 22, 2002

Todd Galloway, a freshman on the Seminoles’ 2002-03 men’s basketball team, was rated as high as the 28th best high school player in the nation by ESPN.com as a prep senior in 2002. He averaged 16.5 points and 7.5 assists as a senior in leading Notre Dame Academy in Virginia to one of the top seasons in school history. During his final season there he scored in double figures in 26 of Notre Dame’s 29 games including a season-high of 28 points against Southwest Florida Christian.

How Do You Feel You Are Handling The Transition To The Division I Level Of Basketball?
“I believe my transition from high school to the Division I level has been smooth so far. I am fortunate to have teammates and coaches that look out for me and help steer me in the right directions both on and off the court. I am comfortable enough with my teammates to be able to receive advice and ask questions of them on a constant basis. My teammates have given me good advice so far that has enabled me to get through situations of which I am unfamiliar. My teammates and coaches have also helped me do better in situations that I am familiar with to help make my transition even easier.”

What Are Some Of The Things You Learned During The First Week Of Practice?
“I quickly learned that the players on this level are much stronger and much faster than they are on the high school level. That has made me realize I have to work on my strength and quickness to be successful during my career at Florida State. I am working very hard to accomplish my goals of becoming stronger and faster by working hard both mentally and physically whenever I am on the court or in the weight room.”

What Is The Biggest Difference Between Practice At The High School Level And Under Coach Hamilton?
“Our practices at Florida State are designed to exercise both your body and your mind. I have quickly learned that at this level you have to be both mentally and physically tough to be successful. Our practices in high school lasted about 90 minutes and weren’t very stressful. Practices with coach Hamilton stress mental and physical toughness.”

What Is The Best Aspect Of Your Game And What Do You Have To Work On To Improve The Most?
“The best aspect of my game is my ability to dribble penetrate a zone and dish the basketball to my teammates. The thing I need to work on the most is creating my own shot off the dribble in order to make shots for myself and putting my teammates in better position to score.”

How Did Spending Two Years At A Prep School Prepare You For Being Away At College During Your Freshman Season?
“I feel that I gained a great deal of independence during my two years at Notre Dame Academy. I feel that I learned to take care of myself and do the things I need to do to take care of myself while being on my own. It also helped me because I didn’t become homesick when I first arrived at Florida State. I have been able to handle things as a man and be mature in situations that I might not have been able to if I had not been away from home in high school.”

What Did You Do This Summer To Prepare Yourself For Your First Season Of College Basketball?
“I worked harder on my game than I ever had before to prepare myself for my first season of collegiate basketball. Over the summer, I worked very hard and focused on the game of basketball. I worked on my game, I lifted weights, I ran and kept my body in the best condition I possibly could. When I arrived at school and began working with strength and conditioning coach Mike Bradley, I learned I could work even harder to prepare myself and my body.”

What Do You Like The Most About The Florida State Basketball Training Center?
“I like the fact that the only sport in the facility is basketball. The Florida State Basketball Training Center is strictly for basketball, and we can use the facility whenever we need to work on our games or lift weights. All of the players on our team have a tremendous work ethic and this building allows us to work hard all the time. The fact that the building is all ours is a great bonus for our team as we work to improve and become better as players and a team.”

When Did You Begin Playing The Game Of Basketball?
“I began playing the game of basketball when I was 11 years old. My mom took me to a local recreation center and put a basketball in my hand – I have been hooked on the game ever since. I haven’t allowed a basketball to leave my hand since the first time my mom put one in my hands.”

You Have A Brother Attending Florida A&M Here In Tallahassee. How Often Do You Get To Spend Time With Him?
“We spent more time together earlier in the school year than we do now because practice takes up a great deal of my time right now. My schedule is so busy with school and basketball that I am unable to spend as much time with him as I would like. When the season finishes and we get into the off-season I will be able to spend more time with him.”

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