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Q & A With Dennis Guinn

May 31, 2006


1.      You have had a breakout season so far – what role do you feel you play on this team?  Even though we have great leadership from the older guys on the team I feel that my teammates still look to me as being a leader and as someone that will always come through when needed.


2.      How did it feel to be named ACC Player of the Week earlier on in the season?  It was a great accomplishment especially because it was in the beginning of the season.  It showed many people that I was capable of accomplishments like this one.


3.      What or who motivates you?  I would have to say my father motivates me the most because no matter how I am playing he is continually preaching to me what I need to work on to get better.


4.      What are your pre-game rituals?  One thing that I do before pre game is watch film from past games to see what I am doing right or wrong. I also take batting practice in the batting cage before our team stretch.   


5.      As you get older and by the time you are a senior, what do you want to be remembered for? I would like to be remembered as a hard nosed baseball player who always strived to be the best at everything he did.


6.      Most memorable moment as a Seminole?  I would have to say hitting two grand slams in one season, and hitting a homerun against the Gators on their home field.


7.      Favorite ballpark that you have played in and why?  It would have to be Dick Howser Stadium because the fans are loud and the atmosphere fires you up.


8.      What is one thing that you cannot live without?  My truck.


9.      What do you like to do on your rare days off?  I like to play a little game called Halo with some of the players like Chuck, Shane, Trent, Danny and Barret. It gets pretty intense and competitive that’s for sure.  I also like to go to the pool and just relax and take it easy.


10.  What is in your CD player/on your iPod right now?  I have all kinds of rap, country, rock that gets me pumped up before a game.


11.  Would you rather live in the city or in the country? The country because I love the woods.


12.  Favorite time of the year and why? The spring because its baseball season and I like the warm weather and time to go fishing.


13.  What ball park would you most like to play in? Why?  Rosenblatt Stadium because that would mean we would be playing for the National Championship.


14.  If your life was made into a movie what would the title be? The Life of a True Squad Member


15.  What is your dream vacation? To go to Hawaii and relax on the beach


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