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Q & A with Javier Garcia-Tunon

Jan. 12, 2007

Q: What is your favorite comfort food?

A: I’m an ice cream guy. I’ve tried ice cream from all over and I’ve eliminated it down to the top three ice creams in the world: Publix brand – Fudge Royal, Winn-Dixie’s Prestige brand – Double Fudge Brownie, and Publix’s Premium brand – Chocolate Trinity.

Q: Speaking of food, what is the strangest thing you’ve eaten?

A: I was raised on a lot of tuna and I had a tuna sandwich for lunch everyday from kindergarten until like 6th grade. My mom and my grandmother always made it for me by mixing the tuna with cream cheese, instead of mayo. So, to me, tuna with cream cheese is the most normal and delicious way to eat tuna, but my roommates freshman year thought it was strange and disgusting.

Q: What is the last movie you saw in the theaters?

A: Rocky Balboa. And I’m proud to say, it was a much better ending to the Rocky story. I thought it was going to be terrible but I was actually surprised. It made up for the disgrace that Rocky V was to the Rocky story. They should erase Rocky V from the history books and just make this new one be the 5th and last one. Let’s all just forget Rocky V ever happened and start loving Rocky again.

Q: On a more serious note, do you have any pre-meet rituals?

A: Sure. The night before a meet I usually watch an inspirational movie like Remember the Titans or Rudy. Before Regionals last year I watched the first four Rocky movies. Also, my parents follow me around the country to watch all my meets, so whenever possible, my mom will make me chocolate- chocolate-chip pancakes for race day breakfast.

Q: What was your New Year’s resolution?

A: My resolution was to do crunches or some kind of abs workout every day before I went to sleep. We’re two weeks into the year now… I’ve done it twice!

Q: Getting back to business, do you wear your NCAA Championship ring on a daily basis?

A: Yeah, I only really take it off for practice. I usually even sleep with it on, not only because I’m really proud of it, but also because it’s a little small on me and kind of a mission to take off.

Q: Do you think you’ll want to run in the Olympics someday?

A: Definitely! Running in the Olympics has been my lifelong dream. I cut three seconds off my 400 hurdles time from 2005 to 2006. If I keep cutting three seconds every year I’ll be breaking the world record in no time!

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a part of the FSU track & field team?

A: Everything. I love it. I have no regrets at all. I’m so glad I chose FSU. I guess I like the people the most. I get along really well with most of the coaches and all my teammates are really funny. We have a good time. It also doesn’t hurt to be on the best track team in the nation. That’s always a plus.

Q: What is your favorite board game?

A: I haven’t played a board game in a long time. All I know is that I hate Monopoly! I remember liking Chutes and Ladders when I was a kid.

Q: What reality TV show would you sign up for?

A: I’m not really a reality TV fan. I can’t see myself on any of those shows. To watch, I guess I like to see American Idol, but only the episodes where everyone is trying out. That’s the only part I like because I think it’s hilarious how bad some people are at singing and how cruel the judges are to them.

Q: Where have you never been but would like to visit?

A: I’ve never been to New York, but we have a meet there in February so I’ll get to go there for that. I guess I’d also like to see what’s so good about Hawaii. But more than anything, I’d like to visit Cuba. I tell everyone I’m Cuban, but I’ve never been there. My whole family is from Cuba and I still have family there. So yeah, I’d like to go and visit “la patria” (the motherland).

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: I’m not sure. It used to be green, but recently I decided I didn’t care for green anymore. The color that I’d probably consider my favorite now is a certain kind of yellow. Like a yellow-orange. My high school colors were blue and gold. But it wasn’t actually gold…it was more like an orangey-yellow.

Q: What do you think is the coolest invention ever?

A: Whenever I think of technology, the first thing that comes to mind is a cassette tape. It blows my mind that I can press record on a stereo and whatever is playing on the radio gets recorded on to that little black strip. I don’t understand how sound comes off of that little strip when you go to play it back. I just don’t get it!

Q: . Name three things you can’t leave the house without.

A: 1. My camera because you never know when something will happen that’s worth taking a picture of, 2. My asthma pump, 3. There’s a tie for third between chap-stick and gum.

Q: Your friends or teammates would describe you as:

A: Most people would probably describe me as a clown. I like it. I’m an entertainer.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat in Tallahassee? Favorite place to hang out with friends in Tally?

A: I like to eat at the all-you-can-eat places on campus, like Fresh Food, because I get to stuff my face and I get to save money because my mom pays for my “garnet bucks”. To hang out with friends… Chuck E. Cheese is always nice.

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