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Q And A With Corey Simon

Oct. 5, 1999

Question: How do you feel FSU’s defense stacks up against Miami’s

I don’t think there is anything you can do as a defense as far shutting
them down. They do so many things well, they run and pass the ball
extremely well. They have outstanding receivers in Santana Moss and
Reggie Wayne. They have an outstanding running back in James Jackson.
They have a strong veteran offensive line. We don’t think it’s about
shutting the Miami passing game down. I think we have to go out there
and be consistent and carry out our game plan, and as long as we do that
we will be successful.

Question: What is with all these linebackers stealing your tackles?

Well that is where the defense is geared to be. I mean last year it was
great to be one of the team leaders as far as tackles are concerned. I
think right now I am third on the team after this game tied with Bradley
Jennings and Derrick Gibson. That is not something that I worry about..

Question: From your perspective, was linebacking one of the alleged weak
spots of the defense coming into this year at least in terms of

They really have done an outstanding job, and there is no doubt in our
minds that they are good. I think a lot of the press and people out
there thought that would be our weak spot, but we knew what kind of
players they were and it was just a matter of getting out there and
letting the public see that they were outstanding players and they
proved that.

Question: Have you ever been run over by Jennings?

He has never run me over, but he has jumped over me a couple of times,
but it’s part of the game. We play a style of defense where it is attack
and go get them and you know they are going for it just like I am. If
we meet and make a tackle we get up and congratulate each other because
it is all about the team . As long as we keep that attitude and as long
as we keep that mentality we will be alright.

Question: The rotation seems to working really well (LB)?

They have been really consitent and that is what we expected this
season. They have done an outstanding job. Every guy has stepped up
their game and gone out there and played great football. As long as
they are going out there and giving everything they have, we are happy
with the way we are playing.

Different guys have been making big plays all year…

That is what our defense is made of. There is not one guy that stands
out. Fortunately, I received some of the accolades last year, and that
is fine and great. But when we are out there as a defense, there is not
one guy that deserves more attention than any other. We are all there
struggling, fighting and making plays. We are out there for one goal, to
be the number one defense in the country and win a National

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