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Q and A With Keith Cottrell

Sept. 30, 1999

Q. Could you guide the fans through your game week preparations?

A. On Monday we look at film of the other team’s punt rushes and check out all the different looks they will give us. The rest of the week we practice against the various looks so we know what we are going against.

Q. I’ve heard that you added a number of yards to your punt average in the over the summer. How did you go about that?

A. I dropped 25 lbs. and stayed the summer in Tallahassee, going to summer school and working out with coach Van Halanger.

Q. Do you feel that you’ve matured a lot as a player over the past two years, having started in every game for the Seminoles during that time period?

A. Yes. I think that my outlook and performance is like night and day compared to my first start at Southern California.

Q. Do you have any pre-game rituals that you go through?

A. I just like to sit down and thank the Lord for the position I’m in and pray that I can glorify him.

Q. With this year’s Duke game being held in Jacksonville, do you feel that it is more like a home game, or an away game?

A. I would say that it is more like an away game because we don’t have the excitement that we dominate in at home. It also makes it less intense because it is not on a college campus. You know that it is being played more for the money and not the game.

Q. What do you go through mentally to prepare yourself for a punt, and does that preparation change at all from game to game?

A. It does not change from game to game. I just have to know where I am on the field and know what I have to do to put the defense in the best possible position to do their job.

Q. Having starred at multiple positions in high school, does it bother you that you get less media attention now, because of your position?

A. The media attention doesn’t bother me at all. I just miss being out there for the rest of the game, and miss not being on the field for the exciting part.

Q. Longsnapper Clay Ingram is in his fourth year of snapping for the Seminoles, and his third year snapping for you. Does having someone with that kind of experience make a big difference in your game?

A. Yes. It’s just to the point that I don’t even have to think about the snap, because I know that Clay is going to get it there.

Q. The Blue Devils are off to a rough start this season. Does it worry you that the Seminoles may go into this contest lacking the emotional fire needed to pull off the performance expected of you?

A. I’m not really worried about us. I think that this team learned to much from last year’s NC State game to overlook anyone.

Q. What are your personal goals for this season and beyond?

A. First, I would like to average 44 yards per punt. Secondly, I would like to earn a degree and be successful.

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