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Q and A With Reggie Durden

Sept. 9, 1999

Daniel Huffman

Q. What do you think Florida State’s biggest strength is this season?

A. I believe that it’s the defense. The defense is definitely a
positive on this team just because we can go two deep at every position.
Since most teams can’t do that, I feel that having that advantage helps
us out a lot.

Q. Along with that, what do you believe is FSU’s biggest weakness at
this point?

A. Just us being inconsistent. I feel that’s a weakness. We need to
be more consistent in all areas, so we’re working on that.

Q. As a defensive unit, how do you prepare for a quarterback like Joe

A. Well, we just have a lot of fast guys on the team, so we like to
blitz him and get him scrambling and put the pressure on him to make the
move. We like to mix his head up, so he will try to rush things.

Q. Georgia Tech is known for their successful opening drives. Has the
defense taken that as a personal challenge to make a stand against
Tech’s opening drive this year?

A. Oh, yeah. This year we are going to be at home. Last year they had
that 90-yard opening drive against us and we were at their house, but
this year we are coming in to get them three and out the first series,
definitely. I mean, we didn’t appreciate that drive last year. We were
supposed to be the number one defense going into that game and they did
that, so this year they are in our house and they are going to have to
respect that and we are going to make them respect that.

Q. What has the atmosphere been like at practice, after the rocky start
against Louisiana Tech?

A. The atmosphere has been good. Everybody thinks that Florida State
did badly that game. I wouldn’t say that. I would say that we started
off slow, but we came out the second half and did what we had to do.
With Georgia Tech, I think that we are going to come out a little more
hyped. It’s the second game now, so there are no excuses. Also,
practice has been pretty intense, so we’re ready.

Q. How does Georgia Tech’s offensive scheme differ from that of
Louisiana Tech?

A. Well, Georgia Tech likes to run the ball a lot more. They like to
run the option a lot, so they will mix it up a lot more and make us work
a little harder.

Q.Joe Hamilton will be the second Heisman candidate quarterback you have
faced in as many games. How do you believe this has helped the defense
prepare for the rest of the season?

A. It’s good, because it hypes us up. Everybody talks about Joe
Hamilton and that just hypes the defense up. It makes us want to go out
there and make more plays and we have to play good, because you’ve got
someone out there who’s supposed to be this and supposed to be that.
You basically just want to go out there and impress everyone and show
them that Florida State is the real deal. It doesn’t matter who you put
up against us, we just want to show everybody that we can do what we’ve
got to do.

Q. What kind of impact do you believe you can have on this game as a
punt returner?

A. This game I’m looking to take one back to the house, so anyone who’s
reading this can know that Reggie Durden is going to do his best to take
one all the way.

Q. Do you feel that this year’s Georgia Tech game is bigger than last

A. Yes, I feel so. I believe that this year’s Georgia Tech team is
ranked higher, and everybody is expecting Georgia Tech to give us a
challenge, and we’re looking for Georgia Tech to give us a challenge,
but this year we’re going to be at home and we do not see an upset
coming. We’re going to put a stop to any thoughts of that.

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