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Q&A: Bjoern Werner

March 31, 2011

On how practice is this time around after his first year at Florida State:

Bjoern Werner:  “[Practice is] way easier. The first time I came in the summer, with training camp and two a days it was pretty tough because I never had two a days in my life, not in Germany and not in Connecticut. So right now spring is kind of more relaxed, especially when we don’t have practice twice a day and you get an off day after the practice so it feels way better.”

On the impact he made playing as a freshman:

Bjoern Werner:  “It was awesome. I didn’t think it was going to be like that. I mean we had a good year, not the best year – but I think I had a good year my freshman year.”

On his current focus and self improvements:

Brandon Jenkins has [locked down] the spot on the right side, so that’s my goal right now.”

On Brandon Jenkins’ skills as a player:

Bjoern Werner:  “Everything [makes him good]. He’s focused every snap – I don’t know. I wish I knew so that I could play like him, but he’s just doing the right things.”

On playing college football in the South:

Bjoern Werner:  “It’s kind of weird; when I played in front of a hundred people I was really nervous, and now I walk into Doak Campbell Stadium for eight to three thousand (people) and I’m not nervous at all. I don’t know why, but it feels great. When you walk out there and everybody is like yelling and doing the tomahawk chop, you’re ready to play. You’re always ready to play.”

On how he first got involved with football:

Bjoern Werner:  “I started playing soccer like everybody, and then for some reason I stopped playing soccer after five years when I was little. I was always athletic and I always wanted to do sports, so some guy in my class in middle school asked me to join his flag football team – so I joined the club. You play flag football first and then when you turn fifteen you start playing tackle football, so I stayed in the club and it was fun; I fell in love (with the sport) and I started playing football.”

On realizing that he had tremendous football skills:

Bjoern Werner:  “I came a year early to the tackle football team at fourteen (years old), I wasn’t allowed to play because I was too young. But I still wanted to practice because flag football was kind of boring after two years. I had the body and everything, but I didn’t have the age (requirement) so I was training the whole year with the team, just being a [body] at practice. I did a great job and the coaches were shocked that I could do it at [a young age]. After two years or something, I had a good season and the coaches talked to me and my family about my potential and trying to find a program where I can play high school football.”

On his experience playing in Connecticut and coming to Florida State:

 Bjoern Werner:  “High school football is Connecticut; some people say it’s not that good. But it brought me to Florida State and it got me a lot of offers. When I came down here they did a good job of preparing me for college life, it was a boarding school; we lived in dorms, we had study hall. They gave us good time management (skills) so when I came here it really wasn’t a big deal, but sometimes to other people it’s a big deal to be away from home because of time management and stuff like that. They did a good job on that.”

On being a married man:

Bjoern Werner:  “It’s awesome, those were some exciting times last year; everything happened at the same time. I’m really happy right now. I love my wife, I love FSU. It couldn’t be better. When I have a bad practice or something like that, I’m going to go home. I’m not going to go cry but I’m going to tell her that I had a bad practice and she tells me to step it up, so I have someone at home who motivates me too, not only here. So I have it all day.”

On what it will take to have a successful season for him:

Bjoern Werner:  “Everything depends on the team. I’m a team player. If I’m not going to be a starter I’m going to do my best and get my play time, use every [opportunity] I get and hopefully the team wins everything. That’s my goal.”

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