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Q&A: Clint Trickett

March 25, 2011

How has the transition been this spring?

Trickett:  I was here last spring so I kind of knew the transition better than a lot of the freshmen and I was able to help them out. I am used to it now and I have gotten into a groove from last spring throughout the season. I know that football is an everyday thing and is a part of life. I want to coach so that is what I needed to do anyways.

Was being an early enrollee last year a big help as you go into your second spring practice?

Trickett:  Yes. Last spring I came in and busted my butt and learned the plays and got ready for spring and tried to not look like a freshman. In practice I did all right and in the game I did kind of look like a freshman. This year I have calmed down and I am ready for practice. You kind of feel like a veteran out here even though it is just my second spring. I am ready for the game and it definitely helped.

Is it different walking across the street to the old intramural fields to practice while the old practice fields are being upgraded?

Trickett:  It’s a little awkward. The first day it was not what you are used to. During that walk you do get to focus in on a little bit more practice. It’s a long walk and on the first day I was by myself. I focused in on what I needed to do at practice since it wasn’t just a short walk over to the fields.

With the changes that occurred since last year with guys graduating and leaving the program is this a different kind of team?

Trickett:  Last year (Christian) Ponder was the main leader. This year we still have main leaders like E.J. (Manuel) and then on the defense Nigel (Bradham) but there are a lot more now. Last year we had a lot of guys who needed to step in and when they stepped in they became leaders. There are more leaders this year than there were last year.

Is it hard to look at the back-up quarterback position as a competition between you and Will Secord?

Trickett:  Will and I are good friends. Along with E.J. and I. We are all good friends. Obviously you came here to win the job and that’s what you want. But I look at it as competing against the defense. It’s not competing against Will or E.J. As long as you are winning against the defense you are winning against the other guys.

What has this new role meant to you as you are about to take on a larger role from last season?

Trickett:  I am ready for it that is for sure. I have been groomed and I have been waiting for it. I am ready to play and I am excited for the opportunity.

Are spring practices going well for you so far?

Trickett:  The first day was pretty good. You always second guess was it good or was it bad. You watch the film and it was pretty good and I am ready for the next one.

Is spring practice a grind or does it go by quickly?

Trickett:  It does go by in the blink of an eye. I wouldn’t say it is a grind because we do space it out. In the season it is every day and during the spring it is every other day. You get a chance to focus in during the spring on the little details that you missed during the fall.

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