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Q&A: Greg Reid

March 24, 2011

How have things been going this offseason?

Reid: Things have been going real good actually. We were ready for this you know we had a great season last year and we are ready to play ball again and hopefully make it to that national championship stage. We got a lot of good hope and it’s going to be fun.

What’s the difference between this years team and last years team and who is stepping up as a leader for this team?

Reid:  I would say Terrance Parks and Nick Moody are guys who are stepping up. This difference between the team this year and last year is that the team last year was getting to know the defense and getting to know the coaches. This year we feel like we understand the plays and how Coach (Fisher) wants things run. It is understandable to us now.

You have to be a more confident group entering your second year under Coach Fisher. Do you feel like you are further along this year than you were last year?

Reid:  Of course. Going to Oklahoma last year we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. It’s kind of like a mental thing that we have to understand Coach Stoops defense and how he wanted it played. It was a long season last year and we went through a couple up’s and down’s. But that makes a great defense and I feel like we understand his defense and we are going to work with it.

This is the first time in several years that Florida State is getting a lot of national attention. Is it hard not to focus on that?

Reid:  I really don’t look at all that stuff. It’s good for the fans and all but I feel like we are holding something on our back if we are nationally ranked in the top five. We will play just the same, we want to win the games and that is what we are going to do.

You closed out the 2010 season with a lot of momentum as the MVP of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl game. Does that give you a lot of momentum?

Reid:  Right now I am just focused on winning. Focused on winning for my team and my coaches. I just want to play to the best of my ability.

Being the top return option are you becoming more aware to become a better special teams player?

Reid:  I am always working on things. If God blessed me to make it to the NFL I would be playing with the best athletes in the world and I still would want to get better. This year I am focused on scoring. I want to score, along with getting good field position for the offense. I am going to try and score a little bit this year. I kinda miss the endzone a little bit.

“Right now I am just focused on winning.”
Greg Reid, Florida State junior cornerback

Now in year two under defensive coordinator Mark Stoops do you find yourselves having more chemistry on the defensive side of the ball?

Reid:  Of course. There is a lot more communication. I feel like me and Xavier (Rhodes) know what the linebackers are doing and what the safeties are doing. Last year we were focused on our position and making sure that we get that right. Now we have bonded and we know what everyone is doing. That makes a great defense and that will be hard to compete with.

Has Coach Fisher sat you down and explained what he wants from you this year?

Reid:  Not really. Coming from me he knows the type of player I am. He expects a lot from me. Me and him are similar in that we want to win and we love the game. He knows that I am going to play my heart out every game. I am just ready to win.

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